Department of cardiology

The department of cardiology at MEOCLINIC Berlin specialises in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and their prevention. In recent decades, the possibility of diagnosing cardiovascular diseases with advanced medical technology, such as high-resolution imaging scans, has improved significantly and is available for the patients in the department. Non-invasive diagnostics, modern sonography, echocardiography, cardio MRI and computed tomography of the heart are used to diagnose the cardiovascular system. Treatment is provided under the supervision of the heading doctor, the medical director of the clinic, who earned an excellent reputation as a lecturer and clinician. The department, therefore, is a place for reliable second-opinion consulting.

The cardiologists in the department offer examinations and diagnostic procedures at the highest level for all internal and cardiological issues. In addition to the regular consultation hours for conservative (non-surgical) treatment of outpatients and inpatients, the staff emphasises carrying out preventive medical check-ups. Check-ups are all carried out by specialists and are individually adapted to the patient's requirements.

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