Department of pediatric pulmonology and sleep medicine (somnology)

The department of pediatric pulmonology and sleep medicine (somnology) at M1 Private Clinic Munich is heavily equipped to provide the finest medical care to children of all ages with lung and sleep disorders. Thanks to its diagnostic possibilities and deeply experienced staff, the department offers university-clinic level medical services. There are two laboratories at hand to meet the specific diagnostic needs of the department: allergy laboratory and sleep laboratory, aside from other equipment. Prescribed treatment always follows the most recent evidence-based information, managed by the department professor. Generally, patients are seen on an outpatient basis, but the patient might need to stay overnight in some cases (sleep studies). 

Lung diseases, including rare congenital conditions, can be treated at the department, along with sleep disorders. A wide range of practical and visualization diagnostic methods is in use. Treatment options are usually conservative and include consulting on respiratory devices. The department also offers a "second opinion" consulting in controversial cases.

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