Department of pediatric orthopaedic and sports medicine, neuroorthopedic

The department of pediatric orthopaedic and sports medicine, neuroorthopedic at M1 Private Clinic Munich provides medical service for children and adolescents with motor impairments and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Neuroorthopedics is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary medical approach created to ensure the most sustainable surgical and non-surgical treatment of the consequences of neurological disorders in muscles. A team of professionals works to execute a recovery plan composed and supervised by a nationally recognized doctor with 20 years of experience. Different kinds of modern equipment for visualization and whole-body performance testing (for sports medicine) and surgical equipment for minimally invasive and plastic orthopaedic surgeries are also available. 

Musculoskeletal deformities and injuries of different origins, including severe neurological conditions like cerebral palsy, are treated at the department. Additionally, there are means for in-depth investigation of physical endurance, sports medicine consulting, and exercise planning. Treatment measures vary from conservative and surgical to rehabilitation and orthopaedic prosthetics.

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