Department of pediatric neurology

The department of pediatric neurology at M1 Private Clinic Munich comprises world-class diagnostic equipment, treatment by the latest guidelines, and extensive neurological rehabilitation options. The standards of the German Medical Association and local neurological guidelines are strictly followed. The department has neurological rehabilitation as an additional medical service. Every day, the patient will be in contact with 5 to 8 people of trained medical personnel under the doctor's constant supervision. There are different modern diagnostic and physiotherapeutic equipment for precise diagnosis and recovery. The doctor holds extensive experience and is familiar with all the latest, most effective treatment options. 

This department focuses on motor, speech, and psychological development impairments, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, behavioural and physical neurological disorders, sequelae of organic (physical) damaging of the neural system, and congenital and genetic diseases. A range of neuropediatric rehabilitation methods is used, focused on the most effective and multidimensional approach to the patient. 

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