Department of pediatric, neonatology, and adolescent medicine

The department of paediatrics, neonatology and adolescent medicine at M1 Private Clinic Munich is headed by the clinic's chief physician. Children of any age can get a world-class diagnosis, treatment, and further advice on medical conditions. The department contains a full range of tools for diagnosis, including laboratories, visualization devices, and functional diagnostic methods of the latest designs. The department cooperates with German Association for Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care (GNPI), the German Medical Association, and others. Second-opinion consulting is provided by renowned specialists in the department.

The particular focus of the department is neonatology and diseases of newborn infants. They include, in general: congenital (inborn) conditions, infections, and transient (temporary) states that need medical supervision in some cases. Additionally, the department offers full annual checkups for children and adolescents in 5-6 hours. A child can be monitored from birth to adolescence to ensure early diagnosis and disease prevention with the best-quality medical attention.

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