Department of pediatric cardiology

The department of pediatric cardiology at M1 Private Clinic Munich is represented by skilled and attentive staff and highly sensitive and modern diagnostic equipment. The head of the department is a professor with deep expertise in pediatric and adolescent cardiology, with a background of both academic achievements and successful clinical practice. German Society of Paediatric Cardiology supervises the department. Additionally, the department works closely with the Clinic for Congenital Heart Defects at the German Heart Center Munich and the MRI working group in particular. Predominantly, the diagnosis is made on an outpatient basis, ensuring the most comfortable conditions for the patients.

The department is mainly specialized in congenital heart diseases along with the whole range of pediatric heart defects. There are various diagnostic tools available for high-quality visualization of the heart and vessels. This helps to diagnose as early as possible, including prenatal diagnosis for the best treatment planning. Treatment options include conservative methods following current guidelines and research. 

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