Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg

Hammelburg, Germany
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Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg
Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg
Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg

About the hospital

Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg is a modern medical institution, the main specialization in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. The medical team treats patients according to the latest medical standards, uses innovative procedures and places great value on personalized care.

A medical team of 45 qualified employees works in 5 departments of the clinic. Doctors treat about 2,500 inpatients and 3,500 outpatients every year. The clinic has 50 beds in bright, comfortable single or double rooms. Patients are offered Internet access, three meals a day, a cafeteria and a kiosk on the territory of the hospital.

Helios OrthoClinic in Hammelburg has state-of-the-art equipment, an experienced team of surgeons, radiologists and physiotherapists, innovative treatment methods and modern operating rooms. The main direction of the clinic is orthopaedics and traumatology. The goal is to restore the patient's original quality of life as much as possible with the help of conservative treatment methods. If these measures don't work, most major joint injuries are treated minimally invasively, with an incision only a few centimetres long. The clinic is integrated into the network of operative and conservative orthopaedics and traumatology departments for the best patient care. This cooperation allows doctors to achieve a high diagnostic and therapeutic reliability level for clinic patients. Together with Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital in Bad Kissingen is a member of the Trauma Network North Bavaria Wurzburg.

In addition to comprehensive orthopaedic treatment, OrthoClinic Hammelburg has specialized departments for internal medicine, general and visceral surgery, anaesthesia and intensive care, and acute geriatrics. In modern medicine, physiotherapy is a vital link between the doctor and the patient to achieve good treatment results. Therefore, collegiate cooperation between physicians and physiotherapists of Helios OrthoClinic allows targeted treatment of the patient's needs.

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2,000 patients
50 beds available
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Is treatment for the elderly available at Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg?

The hospital provides essential geriatric treatment with diagnosis and, in addition, addresses frailty and falls cognitive limitations, swallowing and eating disorders. The high-tech MRI and CT equipment helps to find problems quickly, and the multidisciplinary team locates the best solution.

What is the specialty of the hospital?

Orthopedics and traumatology, various types of surgical treatment, intensive and general therapy, geriatrics are among the areas of specialization of the clinic. Highly qualified staff works in cooperation between departments and provides comprehensive treatment.

Should I choose a medical center for hernia treatment?

The clinic is a good choice for operations on inguinal and umbilical hernias. TEP and TAPP techniques, Lichtenstein and Sholdice methods provide patients with an individual approach and the application of innovative technologies without additional traumatization with the minimum necessity of rehabilitation.

What orthopedic treatment does the clinic provide?

Treatment of chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis with an emphasis on joint replacement, shoulder and foot surgery, treatment of the consequences of accidents are the leading services of the clinic. In addition, the clinic performs bone stabilization through minimally invasive surgery.

About the city

Hammelburg is a small town in Bad Kissing in Lower Franconia. The city is located in the foothills of the Bavarian Rhon and the Franconian Saale. Hammelburg is today known as the oldest wine-producing town in Franconia.

Hammelburg enchants its historic old town. Small but extraordinary cultural events fit perfectly into this landscape. The offer consists of a colorful program of concerts, cabarets, readings, lectures, and much more. Regular events include the Hamulissimo summer concerts, church music days, and the Saale Musicum and Bavarian Academy of Music concerts. The large market square still testifies to the former importance of the city. Hammelburg was not only the second-largest settlement in the diocese of Fulda but also the wealthiest city in the Fulda region in the 17th century.

Hammelburg is first mentioned in a document from 716, making it one of the 30 oldest cities in Germany. Viticulture flourished in Hammelburg over 1000 years ago. It brought prosperity and an excellent reputation as a wine city. Today, about 70 winemakers, including five full-time modern enterprises, cultivate vineyards throughout the city with great enthusiasm. Another reason to visit the city is the specialized Helios OrthoClinic Hammelburg. The medical center offers accurate diagnostics and practical solutions to problems with the musculoskeletal system.

The distinctive nature, combined with numerous wine festivals and events beyond mass tourism, makes Hammelburg an attractive holiday destination for the young and old. The charming landscape of the Saale valley between the Franconia wine region and the low Rhon mountain range offers the perfect backdrop for many activities.

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