Department of cardiology and electrophysiology (heart rhythm centre)

The department of cardiology and electrophysiology (heart rhythm centre) at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch is a recognized medical centre for treating and diagnosing heart arrhythmias. The diagnostic facilities include two electrophysiological (EPE) laboratories. This so-called "intracardiac" ECG helps to depict cardiac arrhythmias more precisely. If there are no disturbances during the examination, the doctor can trigger them himself via electrical impulses from the electrode catheter. Local doctors analyzed and treated all forms of cardiac arrhythmia at the highest level and were recognized as top experts internationally. The Centre received the additional qualification from the German Society of Cardiology (DGK) for "Invasive Electrophysiology" and “Active Cardiac Rhythm Implants.”

All types of heart rhythm irregularities and disorders can be treated at the department. Medical devices, such as pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, are available. In addition, catheter ablation is a minimally invasive manipulation performed in some cases.

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