Helios Cecilia Hospital Huls

Krefeld, Germany
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Helios Cecilia Hospital Huls
Helios Cecilia Hospital Huls
Helios Cecilia Hospital Huls

About the hospital

Helios Cecilia Hospital Huls is a modern private clinic that, in many ways, symbolizes good medicine close to home. Thanks to experienced specialists and current procedures, the clinic provides an individual and the best treatment, depending on the patient's needs and wishes.

Founded in 1847 and completely renovated and modernized in 2008, today patients will find a clinic with a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, comfort and service. Every year, doctors of the clinic treat 5,300 inpatients and 3,700 outpatients. The hospital has 13 specialized departments with a total capacity of 170 beds. Short distances, cooperation between all technical departments and comprehensive digitalization bring direct patient benefits.

The Helios Clinic Huls has its emergency medical centre for patients with acute illnesses, accidental injuries or life-threatening conditions. The Integrative Oncology Therapy Center, abbreviated as TimO, offers people with cancer a unique and diverse concept of cancer treatment. Patients benefit from the experience of the certified Helios Cancer Center and numerous additional complementary procedures. One of the directions of the clinic is also geriatric medicine. In addition to classical geriatrics, this includes a centre for geriatric traumatology, neurogeriatrics with its dementia department and a geriatric day hospital. The clinic's Orthocampus offers knee and hip arthroplasty, including subsequent rehabilitation. Instead of going to a rehab clinic after joint surgery and putting themselves in new hands, patients can rehab at a medical centre.

The medical team offers diagnostics and treatment in visceral surgery, proctology, internal medicine, orthopaedics and traumatology, oncology and spinal surgery. Tradition, closeness and solidarity with the locals - that's what Cecilia Hospital Huls represents. Specialists work closely with each other to provide first-class medical services.

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Founded in 1847
9,000 patients
170 beds available
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Is the clinic suitable for treating the elderly?

A medical centre is ideal for treating older people thanks to the individual multidisciplinary approach to each case. Doctors offer the services of physiotherapy and occupational therapy, speech therapists, nutritionists and psychologists, as well as treatment of the most common diseases.

Does Helios Cecilia Hospital Huls treat bowel cancer?

The clinic treats colon cancer with the help of chemotherapy and immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Additional treatments include locoregional deep hyperthermia, where areas of the body are heated to high temperatures to enhance chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Does the medical centre perform hip arthroplasty?

The hospital regularly performs endoprosthetics, including hip replacements and uses minimally traumatic methods. The technique ensures preserving the integrity of the muscle structure and smaller incisions, and therefore a shorter rehabilitation.

Can I go to the clinic for the treatment of varicose veins?

The clinic provides a wide range of treatments for varicose veins, including the classic surgical removal method and laser and radiofrequency therapy. In addition, mini-sutures or foam sclerotherapy are used for more initial stages. This approach helps not to injure patients unnecessarily.

About the city

Krefeld is an ancient city with a long history located near Dusseldorf. The first mention of the town dates back to 1105. Today, Krefeld is known for its handicraft production, medicine steel, and machinery manufacturing.

Krefeld is a city of factories, brocade, velvet, and silk. In the 18th century, all the German nobility dressed here. The town is famous for its the world's largest outdoor fashion show. Tourists often call Krefeld a collection of three municipalities, as three stylistically different districts intertwined here - Krefeld, Lynn, and Uerdingen. Krefeld has many Romanesque and Gothic churches. Such sights as the Art Museum, the Museum of Winemaking, and the castle "Burg Linn" will not leave the most fastidious tourist indifferent.

The city was the birthplace of Charlotte Auerbach, known for her discovery of chemical mutagenesis and her numerous scientific publications in genetics. More than 20,000 students are pursuing higher education in Krefeld. The city has a strong healthcare industry, presented by Helios Hospital Krefeld. Also, one of the Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Center branches is located in Krefeld. The center is equipped with modern devices - Perfexion Gamma Knife and Axesse Linear Accelerator, for radiation treatment of oncological diseases.

Krefeld offers tourists parks, shops, squares, ponds, and sports grounds. Visitors can ride on an old Schluff steam locomotive and visit the hippodrome and the zoo. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a sports park in the city. In addition, Krefeld will enchant visitors with its traditional cuisine, rich history, and vibrant textile industry.

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