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Gamma Knife Center Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland
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Gamma Knife Center Warsaw
Gamma Knife Center Warsaw
Gamma Knife Center Warsaw

About the hospital

Gamma Knife Center Warsaw has been Poland's leading specialized medical center for over 10 years. The clinic provides high-quality services and effective treatment of complex brain and nervous system lesions. Also, treatment and patient safety meet ISO requirements and recommendations of the world's leading associations.

The highly qualified staff are the owners of awards from the "Health Manager" editorial board, "Golden Scalpel" from "Pulse Medicine," and "Patients' Trust" from the All-Ukrainian medical plebiscite "Patient's Laurel." In addition, the clinic can perform 64-slice CT and magnetic resonance imaging. In the case of small metastases and localization of tumors in the posterior part of the skull, the patient sometimes needs additional MRI with the introduction of paramagnetic contrast. Easy access to high-precision diagnostics allows doctors to plan for treatment and its stages quickly.

The medical center was the first in the country to use Gamma Knife Perfexion for the non-surgical remedy of brain tumor diseases. It is staffed by outstanding neurosurgeons, radiologists, oncologists, and physicists, which allows for therapy with a high-efficiency rating. The latest generation Gamma Knife Icon has allowed obtaining an even lower number of treatment complications due to the improved installation and irradiation of more extensive tumors. This type of treatment is especially acute for the treatment of acoustic neuroma, which allows the preservation of the function of hearing and the vital structures of the brain. A satisfactory result is achieved in more than 97% of patients. Also, therapy can be used as an additional after-surgical remedy. GammaKnife significantly reduces the risk of complications, and 50% of complications after treatment are temporary and disappear. The technique is also often the method of choice in the elderly, with recurrent trigeminal neuralgia, or in people with coagulopathies or on anticoagulant therapy. About 90% of cases are successful, and another 65% have no disease recurrence. Cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are also cured with a significantly lower risk of cerebral hemorrhage, reducing the likelihood of disability and death. Treating tremors in frail older people with frequent renal impairment also requires minimally invasive treatment, achieved by radiosurgical thalamotomy with the Gamma Knife Icon.

Warsaw Gamma Knife Clinic accepts patients with Parkinson's disease, intrasellar and pericellular tumors, meningiomas, brain metastases, acoustic tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, and cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). The hospital offers many benefits of Gamma Knife therapy, such as the cure lasting 2-3 hours and the patient returning home the same day. Furthermore, unlike classical radiation therapy of the whole brain, Gamma Knife does not lead to intellectual impairment.

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Founded in 2010
1,000 patients
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Should I choose the clinic for tremor treatment?

The clinic offers treatment for Parkinson's disease, particularly suitable for patients due to the absence of complex surgical interventions and few contraindications. Gamma Knife performs thalamotomy with high precision and allows the result in a matter of hours.

Is Gamma Knife treatment suitable for patients on continuous anticoagulants?

Gamma Knife Icon has no contraindications for people on anticoagulants due to the low risk of bleeding and the absence of incisions. This approach is essential for people after heart attacks, strokes, atrial fibrillation, and coagulopathy.

What is the uniqueness of Gamma Knife Center Warsaw?

The center was the first in Warsaw to use highly effective therapy with the help of the Gamma Knife, which contributed to its international recognition and the most incredible experience in the use of the technique in the city.

Doctor in Gamma Knife Center Warsaw

About the city

Warsaw is the capital and one of the most modern cities in Poland. Unfortunately, Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War, but in 4 years, the entire historic center was restored with incredible accuracy and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Warsaw's architecture is a mixture of different styles that tell the rich history of Poland and its capital. Palace Square and the Royal Castle, Wilanów Palace and Lazenkowski Park, The Basilica of the Holy Cross, the Cathedral of John the Baptist, the unique museums, and the Copernicus Science Center leave an unforgettable impression on the city. In addition, there are over a hundred theatres, cinemas, museums, and art galleries in the Polish capital. A walk along the streets of the Old and New Towns allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of central city life. Impressive streets, squares, and cozy cafes create a unique historical atmosphere. In summer, the squares of the Old and New Towns become stages for musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries.

Warsaw is the birthplace of the famous musician Frederic Chopin, after whom the city's main airport is named. The city is developing rapidly, so it has many kindergartens, schools, and higher educational institutions. Particular attention is paid to the healthcare system. The town has a large number of public and private medical institutions. For example, Carolina Medical Center Warsaw is one of the leading centers in Europe in the field of orthopedics, traumatology, and neurosurgery. The Union of European Football Associations has chosen the clinic to provide medical care to the participants of EURO 2012, which confirms the high professionalism of the doctors.

Warsaw is a dynamic European metropolis characterized by the hospitality of its inhabitants, the Vistula River, and exceptional culinary delights. Numerous traditional cafes, typical of the architect, the magnificent Vistula embankment, and tall skyscrapers - give the city its uniqueness and charm. The Polish capital is a city travelers discover again and again with each subsequent visit.

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