Department of orthopaedic and traumatology

The orthopaedic and traumatology department at Carolina Medical Center Warsaw provides comprehensive diagnostics and surgical and conservative treatment of all musculoskeletal system diseases in adults and children. The department has modern operating rooms with equipment for sparing minimally invasive interventions and computer navigation systems. Doctors also provide orthopaedic services to children and ensure their proper development. For example, the clinic surgeons managed to perform a unique manipulation to correct the forearm bone in a girl (10 years old) using modelling and 3D printing technologies. In addition, the department has developed a technique for repairing the anterior cruciate ligament, considering that the child will grow. The department's surgeons provide each patient with highly qualified medical care, pay personal attention and maintenance, and create the most comfortable conditions for staying in the hospital.

Surgeons treat degenerative, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, particularly sports injuries. The surgeons of the department excel in implantology and joint prosthetics. The implants used at Carolina Medical Center allow patients to engage in sports and even skiing actively. In addition to diagnosing and treating, a whole range of rehabilitation methods are available in the department, such as physiotherapy, manual therapy, kinesitherapy, and various types of therapeutic massage.

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