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Departments in Carolina Medical Centre Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland
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Prof. Dr. Piotr Szopinski, Ph.D. image

Department of general and vascular surgery

Prof. Dr. Piotr Szopinski, Ph.D.
general and vascular surgery
The general and vascular surgery department at Carolina Medical Center Warsaw offers all modern surgical options for treating diseases of the abdominal organs and blood vessels. The department's medical team provides first-class medical care using the latest scientific achievements and demonstrates an understanding of the n
Dr. Radoslaw Michalik, Ph.D. image

Department of neurosurgery with spine surgery centre

Dr. Radoslaw Michalik, Ph.D.
neurosurgery and neurotraumatology
The neurosurgery department with spine surgery centre at Carolina Medical Center Warsaw offers a wide range of diagnostics and surgical treatment for brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve conditions. The treatment is provided at the international level. The department doctors are fluent in advanced surgical techniques, fo
Prof. habil. Dr. Ireneusz Babiak image

Department of orthopaedic and traumatology

Prof. habil. Dr. Ireneusz Babiak
orthopaedics, traumatology, endoprostheses, arthroplasty
The orthopaedic and traumatology department at Carolina Medical Center Warsaw provides comprehensive diagnostics and surgical and conservative treatment of all musculoskeletal system diseases in adults and children. The department has modern operating rooms with equipment for sparing minimally invasive interventions and com

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