Department of otolaryngology

The department of otolaryngology at Beta Clinic Bonn provides the highest quality medical care for ear, throat, and nose diseases. Advanced examination methods, newly defined comfort, and a unique, calm atmosphere ensure the best stay experience. The department is more reminiscent of a 4-star hotel than a hospital. With the help of the 3D Accuitomo volume tomography (a type of computed tomography of the skull), the department offers high-contrast radiological images with unprecedented precision and the lowest radiation exposure. A skilled ENT surgeon leads the department with over 35 years of experience. ENT surgeries are equipped with the latest endoscopic devices that enable precise otolaryngological interventions in several surgical rooms.

Among other diagnoses, the department deals with nose and paranasal sinus diseases, snoring, hearing impairment, voice and language disorders, and diving medicine. A wide range of surgery is offered for ENT organs, including tumour surgery and plastic reconstructions. In addition, non-surgical advice is provided in cases where it is applicable.

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