Department of oncology

The department of oncology at Beta Clinic Bonn provides oncological care that corresponds to the latest scientific findings. Many new therapeutic approaches have made progress in treating tumour diseases in recent years, and new opportunities will arise for many patients shortly, being firstly made available for the patients in the department. The staff and highly qualified doctors leave enough space and time to answer the many questions that arise in connection with the disease or suspected tumour. A particularly intensive, close monitoring of the course of treatment is implemented. Vigilant therapy management significantly reduces side effects and helps to avoid complications. The patients are treated under the supervision of an attentive professor with more than 20 years of experience. The department is famous for distant medical opinions in complex cases. Department of adult and pediatric oncology frequently cooperate with surgical, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine in the extended treatment of oncology diseases, targeted therapy, and diagnostic options.

Individual approach to tumour management is the priority in the department. Complimenting comprehensive diagnosis (all relevant methods are on site) and treatment (classical chemo-, radiation therapies, surgeries, and new up-to-date technologies) are many supporting programs for maximum independence of the patients throughout their outpatient or inpatient visits.

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