Department of neurosurgery

The department of neurosurgery at Beta Clinic Bonn provides top-level medical care for treating the central and peripheral nervous system, thanks to the experienced team led by a renowned professor with an outstanding reputation. Advanced technologies are used, such as microsurgical, laser ablations and endoscopic intervertebral disc operations, and neuromodulation procedures (deep brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulation (SCS), etc.). The facility is equipped with the most modern devices and offers the best possible level of care. In addition to the ultra-modern surgical microscope, neuroendoscopy, and neuro-electrophysiological monitoring, a stereotactic system is also available in Class 1 operating room (by the Facility Guidelines Institute) to meet this high-quality standard. Furthermore, the Department cooperates with the local Department of adult and pediatric neurology with the epilepsy centre and offers cutting-edge surgical methods for epilepsy, such as VISUALISE.

All kinds of brain and head disorders, the spinal cord, and peripheral nerves are treated, including neuro-oncology. The surgical methods are usually minimally invasive, endoscopic, and plastic-reconstructive. Conservative advice following the newest guidelines is also available.

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