Department of neurology with epilepsy centre

The department of neurology with epilepsy centre at Beta Clinic Bonn treats the entire spectrum of neurological disorders. The most modern examination methods and treatment following the latest scientific standards are carried out under the supervision of an internationally recognized professor with more than 35 years of experience and more than 1,000 publications. New techniques are used for treatment and diagnosis, such as MR-guided laser ablation, Speech fMRI, SISCOM, and ​​ the most modern neurological-electrophysiological examination methods. The department is an internationally recognized centre for epilepsy and neurology for children and adults. Patients worldwide are referred with medical resistant forms of epilepsy and for advanced genetic diagnostic.

The department covers the entire diagnostic and therapeutic range of services for neurological diseases, including physiotherapeutic measures. All relevant functional, psychological, and imaging diagnostic methods are available. In addition to the differential diagnosis and therapy of neurological disorders, there is a particular focus on the multimodal complex diagnosis and treatment of patients of all ages with epilepsy. This includes, in particular, the differential diagnosis of seizure-type disorders, unique forms of treatment for epilepsy with cannabidiol or a keto diet, and epilepsy surgery planning with presurgical epilepsy diagnostics.

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