Department of cardiology, interventional cardiology and rhythmology

The department of cardiology, interventional cardiology and rhythmology at Beta Clinic Bonn provides excellent medical care through experienced cardiologists with the use of the latest diagnostics to quickly identify the causes of heart disease and initiate appropriate therapy. Together, the cardiologists cover the particular disciplines of rhythmological cardiology and interventional cardiology. The head of the department is a professor with more than 20 years of experience. The department is certified by the German Society for Cardiology as a chest pain outpatient clinic. Patients with acute chest pain symptoms such as pulling, burning, feelings of pressure, stinging, or shortness of breath are thoroughly examined and advised. The department additionally offers individually designed check-up examinations to detect and prevent heart diseases, especially cardiac arrhythmias.

In particular, heart diseases, including disorders of the heart muscle/vessels/valves and cardiac rhythm, are treated at the department. The team implements modern examination methods (e.g. imaging echocardiography, cardio MRT) in the context of the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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