Department of angiology and vascular surgery

The department of angiology and vascular surgery at Beta Clinic Bonn is focused on the development, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the heart, arterial and venous blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels of the legs and neck. The head of the department achived unique double medical qualifications in the fields of angiology and cardiology as well as his additional qualifications in interventional cardiology (DGK), interventional therapy of arterial vascular diseases (DGK), hypertensiologist DHL. The team treats patients with problems in the cardiovascular system individually and holistically. The department is equipped with cutting-edge devices for diagnosing heart and vessels: various ECG and visualization methods, MRIs, and functional testing are available.

In addition to comprehensive cardiovascular and vascular diagnostics, the department offers conservative therapies for existing heart and vascular system diseases. The interventional treatment of the heart vessels, such as vascular dilation using a balloon (PTCA) and the insertion of a stent, are part of his special therapeutic offer.

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