Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim

Hildesheim, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim
Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim
Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim is a tertiary hospital and teaching hospital of the Hannover Medical School founded in 1895. Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities and the latest medical technologies provide the best medical care for the clinic's patients.

More than 1,200 employees treat about 25,000 inpatients and 80,000 outpatients annually. The medical institution is designed for 566 beds, and all wards are bright and comfortable. The clinic is an efficiently designed facility with modern, attractive architecture. The Hospital Helios clinic aims to provide the best possible diagnostic and treatment with state-of-the-art procedures and technology.

Many areas of medicine at Academic Hospital Helios are awarded prestigious certificates, including the German Society for Oncology and IQM certification. The clinic often undergoes diagnostics and treatment of patients from foreign countries, which confirms the excellent reputation of the medical centre in the international arena. The hospital has modern technical equipment, which allows the visualization of even the most minor structures. The radiology department uses digital radiography, MRI, CT, angiography, bone densitometry and mammography, which significantly speeds up the time for making an accurate diagnosis. Doctors also conduct clinical research based on the clinic, so patients, if desired, can take advantage of the most innovative methods and treatment techniques. The medical centre is proud of its specialized centre for premature babies, where all the necessary doctors are available around the clock for the care and treatment of the smallest premature babies from the 23rd week of pregnancy.

Helios Hospital Hildesheim specializes in surgical departments such as visceral, vascular, thoracic, orthopaedic, aesthetic, spinal, oral and maxillofacial. In addition, the medical centre is also an expert in other medical fields such as oncology, cardiology, angiology, diseases, diabetes, metabolic, nephrology, dialysis, geriatrics and others. The medical team works hand in hand on an interdisciplinary basis to provide patients with the highest quality medical services.

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Founded in 1895
105,000 patients
566 beds available
N/A department

Does the Helios Hospital Hildesheim have a breast cancer centre?

The clinic has a certified breast cancer centre in which a multidisciplinary team works and provides four stages of treatment: surgery (total removal and organ-sparing operations), radiation and chemotherapy, and treatment with hormonal agents. Advanced diagnostics during therapy are provided on-site.  

Is the clinic the best in maternity and newborn care?

The perinatal centre is considered the best in the region due to the high quality of treatment and cooperation with operative obstetrics and neonatology with intensive care. The medical centre has all possibilities for managing high-risk pregnancies and premature babies from the 23rd week of pregnancy. 

Is treatment for cutaneous T-lymphoma available in the hospital?

The clinic offers treatment for cutaneous T-lymphoma thanks to extracorporeal photopheresis. The technique consists of non-surgical therapy and tedious procedures when blood is taken from the patient and treated with individual drugs, and is returned to the patient and promotes a high level of recovery.

What range of services does the clinic offer?

The clinic offers a wide range of surgical (orthopaedic and visceral, maxillofacial and cardiovascular, plastic and neurosurgery) and therapeutic (endocrinology, nephrology, dialysis, geriatrics, oncology, and cardiovascular therapy) services in a high-tech building with the best doctors of the region.

About the city

Hildesheim, lost in the foothills of the Harz, soaked in the salt of the nearby North Sea, is considered one of the oldest cities in Lower Saxony. Despite heavy damage during the war, the city still retains the character of the Middle Ages.

Hildesheim is best known for its churches, two of which, Hildesheim Cathedral and St. Michael's Church, testify in an unusual way to the Romanesque religious art of the Holy Roman Empire. UNESCO recognized this by including 1985 the Church of St. Michael and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in the World Heritage List. In the museums of Hildesheim, visitors can find world-class art and historical and cultural treasures. The Roemer-und-Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim is best known for its ancient Egyptian collection.

A unique attraction of Hildesheim is the local cuisine. The famous Hildesheim pumpernickel is very popular in these parts. This dish, invented in 1733, is simple rye bread. Hildesheim is also known throughout Germany for its spectacular festivals and traditional celebrations. Among them is one of the largest music festivals in Germany - the M'era Luna Festival. In addition to entertainment, the city pays excellent attention to the healthcare system. Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim, which works closely with Hannover Medical School, offers first-class medical services. The highly qualified medical team specializes in oncology, obstetrics, and surgery.

Germany is a historical country in itself, but the city of Hildesheim has its historical magic. Large museums and old cathedrals, shopping areas, and architecture of the 14-15th century will interest every tourist.

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