Academic Hospital Helios Amper Dachau

Dachau, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Amper Dachau
Academic Hospital Helios Amper Dachau
Academic Hospital Helios Amper Dachau

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Amper Dachau offers modern emergency care and a wide range of treatments. The clinic is of national importance due to its specialized offerings. In many areas, Helios Amper Hospital is also ISO certified. The clinic offers a high-tech approach to cancer treatment and is famous worldwide.

The Dachau Clinic sees about 22,000 inpatients annually. Another 30,000 outpatients receive medical care from more than 1,000 employees. With a central emergency room, 16 other specialized departments and 17 competence centres, the hospital offers comprehensive care at the university level. Every year, 900 babies are born at the Helios Amper Clinic in Dachau. The caring atmosphere and professional staff guarantee safe and comfortable treatment for patients.

The clinic is recognized as an academic teaching hospital by the LMU Munich Hospital and operates a professional nursing school. The first-class quality of medical care is the top priority of the medical team. The hospital specialists have exceptional experience in diagnosing and treating various diseases, for which they are on the list of the best German doctors, according to Focus medical magazine. Helios Amper Dachau Cancer Center, certified by the German Cancer Society, offers diagnostics, treatment and aftercare for patients with malignant diseases of any complexity. The clinic also has its fitness and rehabilitation centre, with more than 90 modern therapeutic simulators.

The main directions of the clinic will include otolaryngology, gynaecology, urology, vascular and thoracic surgery, diabetology and endocrinology, gastroenterology and hemato-oncology. In addition to departments, the hospital consists of a certified breast centre, bowel centre, head and neck cancer centre, and pancreas and haematological neoplasia centre. In geriatrics, specialists treat older patients who often suffer from multiple acute or chronic conditions, have a limited quality of life, and need rehabilitation. A medical team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and social workers use innovative techniques and procedures every day to improve patients' health and quality of life.

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Founded in 1990
52,000 patients
435 beds available
N/A departments

Can I have cancer treatment at Hospital Helios Amper Dachau?

The clinic has numerous certified centres that provide treatment for oncological diseases. Doctors perform organ-sparing operations thanks to "keyhole surgery" through small incisions, chemotherapy, antibody cure, pain and rehabilitation, thereby covering the necessary spectrum under one roof.

Are robotic prostate surgeries performed at the hospital?

Doctors perform more and more surgical interventions with the help of da Vinci Xi robotic equipment. Due to the success of the results, low traumatization and reduced number of complications, the technique is used to perform operations on the prostate, kidneys, bladder, and many others.

Is treatment for the elderly available at the clinic?

Specialists offer activation-therapeutic assistance, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and care for old people. The care is delivered for speech, language and swallowing disorders, memory disorders and after acute neurological diseases. 

About the city

Dachau is a beautiful city located northwest of Munich. Situated in upper Bavaria, the town has existed for over 1200 years and has a rich and detailed history. It served as a refuge for Bavarian kings and nobles due to its quaint and quiet location outside the city.

The historic centre of Dachau is a charming and lively city centre. Colourful buildings line the narrow winding streets. Dachau Castle is another popular place in the city. Built-in the mid-1500s, the palace was built as a medieval castle for the Counts of Dachau. The castle's court garden boasts picturesque views of Munich and the magnificent Alps in the distance. Various festivals, fairs and events also take place in the charming city. Every summer, Dachau hosts performances by local musicians and famous artists.

Dachau was an important colony of German artists, and the styles of the area influenced contemporary artwork in the 20th century. The City Art Gallery is home to an impressive permanent gallery of famous German artists. In addition, Dachau is home to one of the oldest golf clubs in Bavaria, which opened in 1965. Residents of the city also love football, volleyball and billiards and annually participate in national contests and competitions. For professional treatment of region residents and tourists, the Academic Hospital Helios Amper Dachau operates in the city. The medical centre specializes in oncology, otolaryngology and internal medicine.

Tourists of the city admire Dachau's historic interior architecture, the city's many museums and art galleries, and the beautiful view of the provincial capital Munich. Resting in Dachau will undoubtedly appeal to those who like to walk in beautiful natural places and enjoy the splendour of nature away from noisy cities.

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