Department of paediatric urology and surgery

The department of paediatric urology and surgery at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Westend is engaged in diagnosing and treating the diseases of the urinary and genital organs in children. The professional team of the department includes paediatric urotherapists and nurses who provide high-quality medical care. The doctors use modern surgical techniques in their routine practice. It is worth mentioning that the urology department of Academic Hospital DRK Berkin Westend is the first place where technically very complicated but still less risky access via the flank in the minimally invasive surgery in children was performed. Moreover, the department tightly cooperates with colleagues from the department of paediatric and adolescent medicine. The treatment approach of the urology department is family-oriented. Therefore, specialists provide parents inclusion and organise family training on child care in the case of urological diseases. 

The primary focus is diagnosing and treating various urinary disorders in children. In addition, doctors perform minimally invasive operations on multiple malformations of the urethra, kidney and bladder diseases (stones) and correction of reflux disease.

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