Department of gynaecology

The department of gynaecology at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Westend provides high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical services for a broad spectrum of gynaecology diseases. In addition, the specialists perform treatment measures in emergency cases and the management of chronic diseases of the female reproductive system. The department team includes professional gynaecologists and psychotherapists to cover all aspects of women's health conditions. It is worth noting that the gynaecology department is a certified study centre for oncotherapy. The cooperation partners of the gynaecology department are the surgery, radiology, and internal medicine departments, which work together in the endometriosis Centre. Furthermore, the gynaecology and urology departments organise an interdisciplinary Pelvic Floor Centre. The gynaecology department tightly cooperates with a breast centre of DRK Hospital Berlin-Westend with the common aim of treating breast cancer. The head physician of the department is a mamma surgeon certified by the German Cancer Society. 

The focal points of the department lie in minimally invasive modern endoscopic methods of diagnostic and treatment of gynaecology illnesses. The specialists perform uterine, cervix, ovaries surgeons and operations on the pelvic floor. The focus includes radical removal, and plastic and cancer surgery of reproductive organs. The other primary purpose of the department is endometriosis treatment and correction of uterine prolapses.

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