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Department of vascular surgery

Dr. med. Malte Weinrich
general surgery, vascular surgery, visceral surgery

About the department

The department of vascular surgery at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Kopenick specialises in a broad spectrum of treatment methods for vessel conditions. The department's motto sounds like "Walking is life" that's why the friendly and qualified doctors team make all the possible to return mobility to the patients. The department is recognised as an interdisciplinary blood vessels centre. Furthermore, in cooperation with radiologists and vascular surgeons, the most experienced doctors in the department have established Berlin Vascular Competence Centre, certified by the German Society for Interventional Radiology and Minimally Invasive Therapy. The department has the newest interventional equipment at its disposal, which enables the highest treatment success rates.

The focal points of the department lie in precise vascular diagnostics using modern imaging systems. Furthermore, the department is focused on treating vascular tumours, malformations, obliterating diseases of peripheral arteries and conditions of the venous system. In addition, patients with vascular complications and metabolic diseases get qualified medical help.

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Treatment and diagnostic focus of the department


  • angiography
  • computed tomography (CT) with contrasting
  • MRI
  • catheter diagnostics
  • colour duplex sonography

Vascular diseases:

  • carotid stenosis
  • diabetic foot
  • varicose veins
  • aorta diseases
  • iliac artery diseases
  • window sickness (peripheral arterial occlusive disease, or PAD)

Treatment methods:

  • medications
  • balloon expansion
  • stent implantation
  • bypass surgery
  • calcifications removal
  • angioplasty
  • catheter-supported or surgical treatment of constricted arteries
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Doctor profile


  • Headed the department of vascular surgery at the Rostock University Medical Center as a senior physician
  • Lecturer at the Rostock University Medical Center
  • Chief doctor of the department of vascular medicine at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Kopenick

Awards, memberships, publications

  • More than 50 publications
  • Editor of a medical book
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