Department of thyroid surgery

The department of thyroid surgery at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Kopenick specialises in the surgical treatment of thyroid gland conditions. It is worth mentioning that the department was certified as a competent centre for thyroid and parathyroid surgery by the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery and Surgical Workgroup for Endocrinology. The medical team of the department consists of high-qualified and experienced specialists. Furthermore, the thyroid surgery department closely cooperates with the general, abdominal, bariatric and minimally invasive surgery departments and the diagnostic and interventional radiology departments. In addition, professional surgeons use the latest and precise surgery techniques and modern equipment in their routine practice to provide low-risk operations with successful outcomes. 

The medical focus of the department lies in gentle surgical interventions on the thyroid gland. Doctors surgically treat thyroid nodules and nodes, goitre, thyroid benign and malignant tumours. In addition, surgeries on parathyroid glands are offered.

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