Department of geriatrics

The department of geriatrics at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Kopenick is engaged in medical care for elderly patients. The department closely cooperates with the department of internal medicine. In addition, the geriatric department is associated with the geriatric day clinic. The multidisciplinary team of the geriatrics department includes nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists and physiotherapists from various fields. Bed wards of the department are equipped for the maximal comfort of patients. Furthermore, medical staff follow all international recommendations in caring for geriatric patients. 

The main medical focus of the department is improving the quality of life for older people with severe and chronic diseases. Older patients with acute conditions get qualified medical help. Furthermore, the focal points of the geriatrics department include modern diagnostics and early rehabilitation therapy. In addition, chronic and severe internal diseases, including gastrointestinal tract diseases and tumorous diseases, are in the field of the department's focus. Patients with chronic wounds, neurological disorders, and orthopaedic conditions are professionally treated at the department. Moreover, the patients get professional help from physical, speech and occupational therapists.

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