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Department of cardiology with chest pain unit

Dr. med. Iskandar Atmowihardjo
cardiology, internal medicine, interventional cardiology

About the department

The cardiology department with the chest pain unit at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Kopenick is responsible for the entire heart and cardiovascular system spectrum, including emergency conditions. The department closely cooperates with the department of cardiology and cardiology of Charite University Hospital to conduct the latest clinical studies. Doctors are mainly involved in the following trials: Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, Study to evaluate the safety of the SD01 ICD electrode, Cardiac contractility modulation (CCM), etc. The academic activity and high doctors' professionalism ensure the best possible treatment outcome. Furthermore, the department is a certified facility by the German Society for Cardiology and performs active medical training in interventional cardiology and rhythmology. Patients have top-rated medical services along with comfortable staying during the treatment.

The department's primary focus is coronary heart diseases, valvular conditions, cardiac arrhythmias, and cardiac insufficiency. In addition, particular attention is given to interventional cardiology and minimally invasive diagnostic and cardiac procedures.

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Treatment and diagnostic focus of the department

Diagnostic and treatment of coronary heart diseases:

  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Treatment of calcified coronary arteries by Rotablation and "shockwave" therapy
  • Coronary artery occlusions (antegrade and retrograde recanalization, ADR - CTO technique (antegrade dissection/retrograde reentry), Bridgepoint System)
  • High-risk interventions (including Impella®)
  • IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound), 
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
  • Fraction flow reverse (FFR)
  • Instant wave-free ratio (iFR)

Heart valve conditions:

  • Tricuspid valve clipping
  • TriClip™ implantation for tricuspid valve insufficiency
  • Interventional valve procedures
  • Mitraclip® implantation for mitral valve insufficiency
  • Catheter-assisted aortic valve implantation (TAVI)
  • Interventional atrial appendage occlusion (LAA occluder)
  • Interventional closure of the atrial septum (ASD occluder)

Heart arrhythmias:

  • Electrophysiological examination
  • All types of catheter ablation
  • Implantation of cardiac pacemaker (including wireless pacemaker - Micra™)

Diagnostic and treatment of heart failure:

  • Heat tissue biopsy in case of cardiomyopathy
  • Cardiac contractility modulation
  • Three-chamber pacemakers (for cardiac insufficiency)
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Doctor profile


  • Training in internal medicine and cardiology
  • Training in interventional cardiology
  • Training in device therapy


  • The chief physician of the department of cardiology with chest pain unit at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Kopenick

Awards, memberships, publications

  • German Society for Cardiology
  • European Society for Cardiology
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