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University Hospital Saarland Homburg

University Hospital Saarland Homburg

Homburg, Germany
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University Hospital Saarland Homburg (UKS) was founded in 1947 under the sponsorship of the University of Nancy. The hospital offers high-quality medical care for both adults and children. Today, the entire spectrum of medicine is provided on campus, harmoniously immersed in greenery. In addition, UKS is leading in medical education, research, and patient care far beyond the Saarland. The hospital includes 30 specialized departments and 20 institutes. Every year more than 50,000 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients are treated at the clinic. The medical staff performs over 7,000 surgeries and procedures annually. A team of 600 doctors and about 2,000 nurses takes care of patient's health

About Homburg

Homburg is a small town in southwestern Germany, located on the river Erbach. Despite the population of about 42,000 inhabitants, the city attracts such employers as Robert Bosch GmbH, Schaeffler Group and Michelin. Homburg is also home to the famous Carlsberg brewery.

The city's main attraction is a huge system of sandstone caves, laid in the 17th century as a raw material for producing glass. The total length of the passages through the caves at 12 levels is five kilometres, so visiting the caves is only allowed with a guide. Luisenthal Castle and Carlsberg Castle also attract tourists with their rich history.

It is home to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Saarland, which significantly contributes to the local economy. One of the University's alumni is the German physician David Bardens, who in 2012 demonstrated the existence and size of the measles virus. The Homburg University Hospital is in great demand among the population of Germany and not only. The hospital specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, in particular liver pathologies.

Homburg is a city with great ambitions. Guests of the town can enjoy the incredible nature of the local mountains and hills, delicious German cuisine, as well as traditional beers. The city leaves only pleasant impressions and unforgettable memories.

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