Yeditepe University Eye Centre Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
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Yeditepe University Eye Centre Istanbul
Yeditepe University Eye Centre Istanbul
Yeditepe University Eye Centre Istanbul

About the hospital

Yeditepe University Eye Center Istanbul is a highly-specialized medical facility offering diagnostic and treatment of various eye diseases. Young talents and the professorial staff of the clinic effectively combine the novelties of the contemporary world and the older generation's experience to achieve the best result for their patients.

The clinic has been an eye centre in the heart of Turkey since 2005, which trains students and assistants of the department of ophthalmology and provides services using 11 of the most modern technologies in 15 different departments in cooperation with Yeditepe University. 

Eye Centre Istanbul offers the services of specialists working according to the latest global medical recommendations on high-tech equipment. When a disease is detected, if necessary, a concilium of doctors is held, and specialists from other fields are involved thanks to cooperation with network clinics. Comprehensive treatment is provided with an impact on the cause of the disease, and rehabilitation is used to return to everyday life without glasses and pain as soon as possible. In the centre, the most modern excimer lasers change the cornea's curvature and treat common vision disorders, such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and some degenerative diseases. There are several options for laser refractive surgery. One of them is LASIK, which is used in various techniques and is the most well-known and frequently performed method. In addition, the centre closely monitors all developments in the field of new methods of improving glaucoma treatment, including stem cell research, gene therapy, global glaucoma prevention programs, improved diagnostic imaging, and improved safety of glaucoma surgery.

Istanbul Yeditepe University Eye Center offers a wide range of services for foreigners and locals. Doctors treat strabismus, cataracts, visual impairment, diabetic retinopathy, injuries and macular diseases, and surgical treatment of diseases of the eyelids. The medical team also has an extensive experience in plastic surgery around the eyes, botox for strabismus, eyelid spasms and aesthetic purposes.

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Founded in 2005
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What eye diseases can the clinic treat with laser techniques?

The medical centre treats vision disorders related to age-related macular degeneration (also known as a macular disease), diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion and retinopathy of prematurity with high efficiency using laser technology or the needle method.

Why does Yeditepe University Eye Center Istanbul prefer the LASIK method?

The LASIK method is quite popular because it allows for a significant improvement of the eye tissue through high-precision evaporation of a certain depth. NASA approves the technique for cosmonauts because of effective. In addition, doctors guarantee 100% vision after the intervention almost in all cases.

Can I treat glaucoma in the hospital?

Stem cells are being researched to treat glaucoma because they can prevent further damage to the optic nerve and vision loss. With the power of a clinic-based research centre, patients can receive experimental treatments that may sometimes be the only reasonable option.

About the city

Istanbul is the largest city in the country, as well as a leading economic and cultural centre. The city lies on both sides of the Bosphorus, geographically dividing it into Europe and Asia. In its long history, Istanbul was the capital of the greatest empires in the world - Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman- and was also the religious centre of Christianity and Islam. Therefore, it is not surprising that the city has many monuments of cultural and architectural heritage, demonstrating the glorious past of the contemporary metropolis.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, is rightfully considered a city symbol and one of its main attractions. The peculiarity of the mosque is the presence of six minarets - there are no more mosques in Istanbul with so many minarets. Directly opposite the legendary mosque is another important historical monument - Hagia Sophia. In 1985, the cathedral was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with other monuments of the historical centre of Istanbul.

Istanbul is the scientific centre of Turkey. The city is home to several public universities, such as Istanbul University, Marmara University, Bosphorus University, and several private universities. Several scientific communities operate in the city, including the Turkish Medical Society. Istanbul is home to the leading centre Şisli Memorial Hospital, which is popular in the international medical arena.

Istanbul is a multimillion metropolis with a rich history and oriental flavour. Istanbul is an ideal option for a weekend trip: visitors can come here for a romantic weekend with their loved ones, fly in to unwind for a couple of days, drink delicious Turkish coffee and enjoy walking around this beautiful city. The city offers its guests excellent shopping opportunities. Istanbul has a vast number of boutiques and colourful bazaars, where they provide significant discounts. Istanbul is also a paradise for gourmets. Here you can taste delicious national Turkish cuisine and famous oriental sweets.

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