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West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin

West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin

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Szczecin, Poland

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Inpatient, Outpatient

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Kids, Adults

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Features & Facts

Multiple ISO seals
Since 2005, the West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin has begun implementing ISO standards. Currently, the oncology center owns 9001, 22000, 14001, and 18001 certifications for meeting the integrated management system and safety management criteria.
Well-equipped radiotherapy unit
Thanks to the Polish Ministry of Health subsidy, the clinic installed the latest TrueBeam linear accelerator worth $3,000,000+. This purchase is one of the Ministry’s “National Oncology Strategy” steps.
Recommended and trusted by patients
The West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin received 4,5 out of 5 points in patient satisfaction rating by the Alivia Foundation among 120 oncological centers in Poland. Also, 97% of patients recommend the center as friendly for people with onco.
Great rehabilitation programs for oncological patients
The center offers rehabilitation programs for cancer patients as a part of “Therapeutic rehab of oncological patients.” They include diets, psycho-oncological assistance, and sea trips and are partially funded by the EU.
Numerous testimonials, awards, & certifications
Among others, the center has a few “Hospital free of pain” certificates from various organizations, accredited as a “Breast Center/Unit” by the International Society of Senology, and multiple awards, e.g., entering the “GOLDEN 100” list of Polish best facilities.

About the clinic

West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin is located in the building of the former district hospital from 1909 and acquired its current name 16 years ago. The hospital's operation complies with numerous ISO and PN-N-N standards, particularly for quality and environmental management, occupational health, and food safety. Also, since 2006, the clinic has been a certified regional oncology center in Poland, and its doctors are among the top ten in the national rating according to the "Rzeczpospolita" version. In addition, the Polish Society for the Study of Pain and the Polish Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Gynecology, Surgery, and Orthopedics awarded the Szczecin West Pomeranian Oncology Center with the "Pain-Free Hospital" certificate. Also, the hospital received the title "Golden Leader of Health Care 2016" from the magazine "National Health System. " The medical center has high ratings of cure efficiency and continuously works on developing innovative treatment methods. Doctors cooperated with physicists and developed a unique radiation beam scattering modifier with 3D modeling and proprietary software. This approach reduces the effect on healthy tissues and promotes the maximum effect on the tumor. Furthermore, much attention is paid to minimally invasive methods of treatment. As a result, the endoscopic laboratory allowed simultaneous diagnostic and treatment procedures of the gastrointestinal tract (polypectomy, dilatation, stenting, and gastrostomy). Also, a large selection of radiation therapy (HDR brachytherapy and IMRT, CFRT, whole skin irradiation, and remote therapy using respiratory gating functions), chemotherapy, molecular target drugs, and hormonal therapy complement each other. Multicomponent cures contribute to a lower risk of recurrent malignant neoplasms after recovery. Different levels of care cover almost the entire range of necessary treatments in the field of oncology. On an outpatient basis, the removal of suspicious skin growths for minor cases is available at the medical center. At the same time, the clinic has 3 intensive care units for critically ill patients. The wide range of services of the West Pomeranian Oncology Hospital in Szczecin allows you to treat patients with breast cancer, gynecology, stomach, liver, intestines, respiratory system, and skin. Doctors offer individual treatment in compliance with gold safety standards and using the most current global offers.


Extra services

Visa Support
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24/7 medical assistance
Intensive Care Unit
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Strzałowska, 22, 71-730 Szczecin, Poland


Should I choose the clinic for the treatment of severe cancer cases?

The clinic accepts patients with severe oncological lesions and has the necessary equipment for life-threatening conditions, including 24-hour monitoring, percutaneous cardiostimulation, mechanical ventilation, and dialysis equipment.

Can I have chemotherapy in a day hospital?

Outpatient counseling and day clinics are popular in the medical center for convenience. In particular, patients can receive high-quality chemotherapy in the conditions of a day hospital. In addition, same-day surgery is available, particularly for treating skin neoplasms.

Is West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin suitable for preventive examinations?

Doctors offer a wide range of endoscopic and X-ray imaging diagnostics, MRI, and CT, as well as laboratory tests and examinations by narrow oncological specialists with a detailed assessment of the risks of the occurrence of oncological diseases in the future.

What is the rating of the clinic?

West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin is rated as 9.00 by AiroMedical.

What do patients say about West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin?

The clinic has 125 feedbacks at other places. The UserScore of the hospital is 93%.

What is the overall experience of the facility?

West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin has been operating since 1909. It has accumulated over 115 years of clinical background.

Where can I see the hospital's work, interior space, and exterior?

AiroMedical gallery has 5 photos related to West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin.

Does the clinic have certification or recognition?

Where is the clinic located?

The address of the facility is Strzałowska 22 71-730, Szczecin, Poland.

Does the hospital offer online consultations?

No, West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin doesn’t perform virtual appointments.

What age range of patients can be admitted to the clinic?

The hospital accepts patients of all ages.

What type of stay is offered at West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin?

The clinic offers both inpatient and outpatient services, so you can be hospitalized (if indicated).

West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin
West Pomeranian Oncology Center Szczecin

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