VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin

Mersin, Turkey
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VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin
VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin
VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin

About the hospital

VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin is a multidisciplinary, highly professional private hospital in the resort city of Turkey. The clinic meets the international standards of safety and quality of JCI accreditation. The professorial staff of the hospital and young researchers introduce innovations and the latest treatment methods.

The modern building of the medical centre reflects seascapes with sandy beaches in the panoramic windows, which are also beautifully visible from the rooms. The spacious, bright design complements the hotel atmosphere, contrasting hospital boredom and worries. The staff is focused on maximum attention and quality assistance for their clients. Clinic wards are designed to achieve ideal hygiene and patient safety: quickly accessible call buttons, bacterial filters, handrails and ramps, and placement of relatives nearby if necessary.

Mersin Medical Park Hospital has the most modern technologies for treating acute and chronic diseases of various systems and organs. Powerful radiological, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics became routine. According to statistics, endocrinological and neurosurgical pathologies are most often referred to the hospital for treating obesity, diabetes and pituitary hormone problems. Endocrinologists and neurosurgeons, and if necessary, other specialists carefully examine and treat patients, taking into account the additional impact on the cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems. Thanks to minimally invasive approaches through the nose, pituitary operations require little time for rehabilitation. Fast and comprehensive access to medicines ensures maximum recovery. Gynaecologists and obstetricians simultaneously solve the issue of infertility, which often arises due to hormonal disruptions. Considering the growing incidence of obesity and diabetes, the medical centre has carefully thought out treatment plans according to world standards and the latest research. Thanks to great experience and patience, doctors often transfer patients from constant insulin injections to tablets, which are more economical and do not require much effort and daily skin punctures. Modern insulin pumps and glucose monitors also reduce the need for daily skin trauma and adapt to the patient's active lifestyle.

In addition to endocrinological and neurosurgical problems, the Medical Park Clinic in Mersin has reasonable recovery rates in general surgery, orthopaedics, general therapy, and gastroenterology. Dermatological and cosmetology services, fitness halls with trainers, and rehabilitation after the most complex treatment are also available in the clinic. Furthermore, long-distance councils and seminars provide a constant exchange of experience in the middle of the network, which is a crucial part of the medical centre.

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Founded in 1993
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Do doctors perform in vitro fertilization at VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin?

Medical centre help solve fertility problems such as ageing, family genetic disorders, low sperm count or poor sperm quality through in vitro fertilization. Moreover, experts offer embryo freezing if a woman has cancer.

Can I have a gastric bypass at the clinic?

The hospital is well-equipped with specialists and advanced technology to help patients with obesity. For example, gastric bypass surgery helps patients who have been obese for five years or more reduce stomach volume and malabsorption

Why is the medical centre good for cancer treatment?

The oncology department has a modern laboratory, MRI and CT for early detection of the slightest changes in the body. Doctors use the latest recommendations for performing targeted cancer therapy and radiotherapy, including ablations and embolizations.

About the city

Mersin is the largest seaside city in Turkey, with a coastline of 321 km. The population of the Mersin region is about 2,000,000 people. From the south, the town is washed by the waters of the Mersin Gulf of the Mediterranean Sea, and from the north, it is framed by the Taurus Mountains.

Even in an industrial city and a port, unique corners can arouse a tourist's interest. And although in Mersin, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, they deserve attention. The Embankment of Mersin is located in the center of the city. This beautiful place is ideal for leisurely walks and admiring the picturesque Mediterranean landscapes, where tourists can take bright photos as a memory. The dam is well-equipped for both walking and cycling. Kyzkalesa Castle can rightly be called the city's most famous attraction and is a medieval Cilicia fortress of the 12th century. In addition, nearby is the Mugdat Mosque of 1998, built in the classic Ottoman architectural style and has the tomb of Mykdad on the territory.

The town served as an important port and trade center for centuries, being a part of one or another state owing to its favorable geographical location. After wars and a temporary decline, the Ottoman Empire gave Mersin a second life, which restored and turned it into a significant economic center through trade with Europeans. The medical business also developed in the city. Numerous private hospitals in the city fit into modern architecture and are located in the most favorable locations overlooking the sea. One such institution is the multidisciplinary VM Medical Park Hospital Mersin, which is famous for endocrinological and neurosurgical achievements in treating local and foreign guests of Mersin.

Beaches, sea waves, palm trees in the middle of historical monuments, and delicious restaurants are an integral part of every holiday in Turkey. Marcin offers to restore at the highest level with a lower maintenance cost and leave beautiful memories to remember.

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