VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit

Izmit, Turkey
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VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit
VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit
VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit

About the hospital

VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit has been a leading multidisciplinary medical centre in the Marmara Sea Turkish region since 2015. The most important directions are surgery and cardiovascular diseases, which have high success rates among Turkish medical clinics.

The hospital serves clients worldwide with ten operating theatres and 151 beds in a closed area of ​​48,000 m². Thanks to a client-oriented approach and high technology, the clinic occupies a pivotal position among other hospitals in the country. In addition, the entire staff has extensive experience in customer service in the medical field, which contributes to using the most modern treatment approaches and provides the necessary individual comfort to patients.

Modern cancer treatment is focused on the maximum destruction of malignant cells with minimal impact on healthy areas. High-precision techniques with IGRT image-guidance radiotherapy and absolute master radiologists are used to detect all cancerous tumours in the body and reduce the recurrence of the disease to almost zero. Thanks to arc radiotherapy, the tumour boundaries are established, and a high rate of radiation spread is ensured for the fastest healing effect and minimizing the risks of an extended stay in the hospital. Also, Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli performs the most complex surgical interventions on the heart, sometimes even repeating operations after failures in other hospitals. The patient's ability to receive this surgical intervention with minor risks is considered, and the best way is chosen collectively in an interdisciplinary manner. In addition to surgical treatment, conservative therapy is combined here for metabolic and toxic effects on the heart, valvular lesions of congenital and bacterial genesis, chronic senile diseases, and vascular pathologies.

Thanks to the experience and perseverance of doctors, the Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli in Izmit is constantly expanding its services. Being a centre for oncology and cardiac surgery, doctors also virtually apply the medical practice in general surgery, neurosurgery, endocrinology, haematology, orthopaedics and perinatology. From the first seconds of the visit to the clinic, patients feel safe, comfortable and in a friendly environment.

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Founded in 2015
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151 beds available
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Why is the hospital leading in oncology surgery?

The clinic performs multiple surgical interventions to achieve significantly better results than other clinics, thanks to laparoscopic techniques, radio waves and robotic surgery. An individual approach to each patient of the clinic's multidisciplinary team allows the optimal tumour removal solution.

Can I have radiotherapy at  Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli?

Yes, radiation therapy is an essential part of cancer treatment. The clinic offers arc radiotherapy which is advanced to conventional radiotherapy for cancer treatment.

Is it a suitable hospital for a check-up in Turkey?

Specialists in oncology, gynaecology, cardiology, urology, orthopaedics, urology and general medicine collaborate to examine the patient for the most common diseases. The clinic has a set of prepared check-up packages to enable fast and efficient diagnosis.

About the city

Izmit is a coastal city in Kocaeli, Turkey, with a population of 360,000 people and is located in the Catalca-Kocaeli district of the Marmara Region, on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Izmit. It can be considered one of Turkey's most important transit points with land, rail, sea and air routes. The mountains of the town are covered with forests. The rich vegetation features the Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions. 

Arriving in the city, the first thing that catches your eye is an incredible view of the mountains across the bay. Marine motifs and limitless recreation areas with delicious food are the undisputed winners in entertainment for guests. After the rich coastal walks, it is worth visiting the Kocaeli Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum and the TCG Diligence museum ship built in the USA as a warship. Museums are impressed with their rich exhibition, scale and exclusive curiosities. In addition, ancient mosques and historic houses are scattered along the streets, which are especially pleasant to look at during an evening walk. 

Significant industrialization began in Izmit after the proclamation of the Republic. Five industrial facilities and several factories are still operating in the city. Thanks to its transport connections, the town is famous for its trade and number of banking institutions. The medical business is also flourishing in the city, one of whose representatives is VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit. With its hotel service and modernity, the clinic won the hearts of many residents and is the choice of foreign clients. 

Izmit has an atmosphere of Turkish recreation, friendliness and rapid development. The city combines cultural, natural and business spheres, which satisfies the desires of the most demanding tourists.

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