VM Medical Park Hospital Ankara

Ankara, Turkey
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VM Medical Park Hospital Ankara
VM Medical Park Hospital Ankara
VM Medical Park Hospital Ankara

About the hospital

VM Medical Park Hospital Ankara is the city's second branch of Medical Park, which offers modern medical services. The clinic is renowned for its experienced medical staff, interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment, innovative medical technologies and patient-centred approach. It is equipped with the latest world of medicine and follows American guidelines that make the clinic attractive for international treatment.

The hospital has a total capacity of 75 beds, of which 13 are in the general intensive care unit and 12 in the neonatal intensive care unit. All rooms have a bright, modern refurbishment and include an adjustable bed, private bathroom, internet access and TV. VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital represents the top management of a wellness hotel with over 350 employees and private rooms and suites.

The clinic is accredited by the International Joint Commission, one of the most prestigious hospital certification bodies based on healthcare standards. One of the features of the hospital is the world-class service approach LIV (Leading International Vision), using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods. VM Medical Park Hospital has a team of experienced staff and internationally trained doctors. The clinic has excellent technical equipment, such as 128-slice CT, open MRI scanners, and 3D and 4D ultrasounds. VM Medical Park surgeons perform minimally invasive organ-preserving operations whenever possible, using modern navigation systems, operating microscopes and the DaVinci robotic system.

VM Medical Park Hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital with various therapeutic departments such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation, thoracic surgery, paediatrics, cardiology, brain and nerve surgery, chest diseases, dermatology, orthopaedics and traumatology, infectious diseases and microbiology, gastroenterology, neurology, urology, general surgery, nephrology, diseases of the ear, nose and throat, endocrinology and metabolic diseases. A team of professional doctors offer innovative diagnostic and therapeutic services, while caring nursing staff accompanies patients through all stages of treatment.

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Founded in 1955
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Is robotic surgery available at the hospital?

Thanks to the DaVinci robot, doctors perform complex surgical interventions without risk of blood loss and infection, with maximum preservation of the functioning of the affected organ. The most popular technique is for the prostate cure, considering the need for the most gentle treatment.

What specializations are present at VM Medical Park Hospital Ankara?

Doctors offer a cure for the digestive and nervous system, disorders in kidneys, skin, lungs, bones and joints, and endocrine glands. In addition, effective service of infectious disease specialists, microbiologists and surgeons has been developed. Individual rehabilitation is available after any treatment.

Why the clinic is perfect for check-ups in Turkey?

Thanks to high-tech equipment and a multidisciplinary team of professionals, the patient can determine the presence of the most common diseases in the shortest possible time. Also, doctors determine susceptibility to disorders and provide a thorough prevention plan with adjustments to the lifestyle.

About the city

Ankara is the majestic capital of Turkey and the second-largest city after Istanbul. Ankara is a well-known resort city that attracts travellers with unique architectural monuments, modern entertainment centres and well-developed infrastructure. The city's name comes from angora, a soft fibre from the angora rabbit. Therefore, some animals bred in this area have become symbols of the town: Ankara cat, Ankara goat, and Ankara rabbit.

The city's most visited attraction is the Anitkabir Mausoleum, which harmoniously combines 22 buildings. Anitkabir is not only the mausoleum of Ataturk but also a museum, which is visited annually by about 3 million tourists worldwide. Ankara has many parks and open spaces, created mainly in the republic's early years, which have been well maintained and expanded ever since. Genchlik Park, the Botanical Garden and Segmenler Park are the most important and beautiful parks. Guests of the city usually like to visit the old shops on Cikrikcilar Yokusu (Weaver's Road) near Ulus, where travellers can find various things ranging from traditional fabrics to handmade carpets and leather goods.

The city is famous for its large number of mosques, one of which is the magnificent Kocatepe Mosque. The luxurious interior decoration of the Kocatepe is striking in its richness: marble, golden plates, amazing decorative tiles, colourful stained-glass windows and large crystal chandeliers. For tourists who love relaxing holidays, Ankara SPAs offer treatments such as hot springs, mineral water baths, mud and aromatherapy. The health sector is also actively developing in the city. Ankara has the world-famous Memorial Hospital, Medicana International Hospital and Medical Park Ankara Hospital. Medical centres accept patients not only from Turkey but also from many other countries.

Ankara is generally a formal city due to the parliament and heads of state. But Ankara has many fascinating museums and sights, a ski centre nearby and great nightlife. From the first minutes, the city delights with its bright oriental colour, which is in harmony with the noise of a vast metropolis.

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