VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein

Pulsnitz, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein is a private center for patients for psychological support after serious illnesses and psychosomatic and psychological disorders. Services are also available for refugees. Outpatient treatment is also available for refugees who were forced to leave their native homes and report significant stress or have exacerbations of long-standing illnesses.

Annually, rehabilitators serve about 1,000 people in a cozy, bright building with 186 beds. A significant achievement for the rehabilitation center was recognition from Focus magazine. In addition, the high quality of services and compliance with medical standards made it one of the best healthcare facilities. Also, the hospital received permission to train interns because of its professionalism.

Psychotherapy is the primary method of treating patients. Doctors offer a variety of directions and several sessions individually. Aquafitness, therapeutic archery, nordic walking, or MTT (Medical Exercise Therapy) are adjunctive therapies to improve the general condition and promote a healthy lifestyle. Garden and work therapy helps to work with natural elements - earth, stones, wood, and plants, and find harmony and balance. Nutrition education closes the gaps in metabolic deficits and helps patients be more organized and healthier. Furthermore, the course includes different "Healthy nutrition" lectures and cooking classes. Joint music lessons in a singing and dancing group complement all this. Music therapy is especially effective with speech therapy classes for organic and psychogenic speech disorders. In addition, patients can comprehensively master techniques for future self-treatment at home with the KAHA system in 10 courses: yoga, qigong, and haka. Different practices are also available separately. Spinal gymnastics and PowerYoga have a holistic effect on the body and soul. For a joint stay with babies, swimming for children is available, as well as mom fitness for women who have recently given birth or are nursing. Since 2015, the clinic has also offered a comprehensive program for oncology patients.

VAMED Rehabilitation Center in Schwedenstein provides rehabilitation treatment for patients with depression, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorders, compulsions, chronic pain, and somatoform disorders. Special attention is also paid to older patients and cancer patients. Patient orientation and attentive care are the keys to the clinic's success.

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1,000 patients
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Should VAMED Clinic Schwedenstein be chosen for psychological support after crises?

The clinic is an excellent place to recover after intense stress and powerful experiences. Various physiological effects on the body and psychotherapeutic sessions will help to get proper support and find motivation again.

Is the rehabilitation center the best in Germany?

The clinic is included in the list of the best rehabilitation clinics of Focus magazine. The center has a high rating according to the assessment of the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Numerous positive reviews from patients will confirm this.

Does the clinic accept refugees?

Refugees can receive appropriate psychological outpatient care at a rehabilitation center. Easy access to services and early treatment reduce the risks of complications and contribute to faster normalization of exacerbations.

About the city

Pulsnitz is a small Saxon town in the district of Bautzen. The largest city is famous for its superiority in manufacturing gingerbread. This fact attracts tourists from worldwide and plays a significant role in the economic spectrum. The special right to bake gingerbread was granted in 1558.

Almost 8,000 inhabitants are located on a hill above the river of the same name between mountains with forested peaks. The first remark of the city dates back to 1225. It became a residence for the noble family that built the castle. The palace has been preserved and consists of the VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz. Back in 1947, a pulmonary sanatorium was moved here, to which a tuberculosis department was later added. Over time, needs change, and the hospital's structure currently consists of neurological and neurosurgical rehabilitation and intensive and speech therapy. The success of the resort also led to the opening of the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein, which provides more general rehabilitation and helps refugees.

In addition to restoring health and preventing diseases amid charming landscapes and fresh air, Pulsnitz offers to visit the gingerbread museum and bake the treat according to the original recipe. After tasting sweets and with new energy,  guests of the city can dive into the artistic world of the Hans-Rietschel-Haus gallery and the East Saxon Art Gallery. The wide square with the town hall and the hidden column of the Saxon square, the old castle of Oberlichtenau from 1718, and the late Gothic church of St. Nicholas with the Pfützner organ will decorate the evening walk of the city after a busy day. Numerous viewing platforms, created due to the close location to the mountains and hills, open a picturesque landscape of the city and its nature.

Delicious original treats and a tradition of health restoration are the hallmarks of Pulsnitz. The city supports tourists in their quest to feel better and offers rich recreation alongside high-quality medical care.

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