VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen

Brodersby, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen has been a private center since 1993. The building where the treatment takes place is a castle with almost 400 years of history and has been modernized for a cozy atmosphere for patients and the possibilities of modern treatment.

Today, the rehabilitation center specializes in cancer patients and has 260 beds. The services are used by 3,500 patients annually, choosing the clinic as one of the best in Germany, according to Focus magazine. The surrounding nature of the Baltic resort of Schönhagen, next to the sandy beach, is a gorgeous complement. Sandy beaches are available for patients to visit outside of hospital hours. However, 120 employees worry about the uninterrupted provision of high-quality modern treatment.

Sports activities have been proven to reduce cancer risk or its return. This goal is critical for the center's rehabilitators, so physical therapy, nordic walking, stretching, swimming, and gymnastics are used depending on the patient's needs. At the same time, doctors reduce pain, swelling, and tension in the body and positively affect the psychological state. Pelvic floor training, additional testing, sexual activity counseling, and supportive care materials can help manage urinary incontinence. Due to complex treatment, patients often lose the ability to work and perform specific movements. A unique set of exercises has been developed for breast and bowel cancer rehabilitation. Occupational therapy promotes the regeneration of nerves in the affected areas by stimulating and innervating nerve endings. It also helps patients to distract themselves and feel confident in their abilities. Thanks to the modern computer technologies "Cogpack and Fresh Minder", cognitive skills for memorization and attention are also generated. Separate lectures on stomas are available for patients who need them for greater confidence in the care and to find the benefits of this lifestyle. Doctors offer a new look at the problem and remove the burden of shame from the patients. Chemotherapy can also be done in a rehabilitation center in a relaxed atmosphere with all the options of rehabilitation and leisure. Above all, the concept of the hospital is to restore the patient's morale after the exhausting treatment. For the soul and hobby, there are many artistic offerings available: pottery and felting classes, ceramic painting, handmade jewelry, embroidery, and woodworking. The company also offers board games, concerts, performances, and movie nights. Daily and short tours are also included in the leisure program.

Schloss Schonhagen VAMED Rehabilitation Center offers rehabilitation for patients with various types of cancer: primary and metastatic of the musculoskeletal system, thyroid gland, digestive organs, respiratory tract, skin, urology, gynecology, hematopoietic system and after bone marrow transplantation.

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Founded in 1993
3,500 patients
260 beds available
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Is VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen one of the best in Germany?

The rehabilitation center is included in the top lists of Focus magazine and offers highly effective rehabilitation according to the latest global standards.

Is the clinic suitable for cancer patients with urinary incontinence?

The clinic helps patients with urinary retention problems: performs the necessary diagnostics, and applies various treatment methods. In addition, psychological support and training in additional tools and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor are highly effective.

Can I continue chemotherapy in the rehabilitation hospital?

The patient does not necessarily have to stay in the same hospital during chemotherapy. Specialists of the medical center have sufficient experience to select the proper treatment and provide good results in the cozy atmosphere of the Baltic resort.

About the city

Brodersby is Germany's Baltic resort in Schwanzen with 700 years of history. A sandy beach by the sea and rocky mountains make up the local landscape. Furthermore, numerous sailboats near Marina Brodersby add a unique romantic atmosphere. About 750 residents, nature and water sports lovers, fans of a healthy lifestyle, and eco-adherents rest here.

Proximity to the Schlei nature park is a significant advantage of the city for cyclists, fishermen, and tourists. Guests of the city can go canoeing or on a steamboat, attend a summer concert with traditional folk dances and try the local cuisine (fish dishes and homemade cheese products). In addition, the agricultural industry is famous for its organic farm products sold in the local market.

Since 1995, Brodersby has been a recognized resort. The mansion, built in 1889 by Squire Hermann Jauch and commonly referred to as the castle, is now used as the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Schonhagen. The building was reorganized many times and housed a military hospital, an orphanage, a youth hostel, and a children's rehabilitation home. The castle brought the most incredible popularity and benefit to oncology rehabilitation, which corresponds to the modern direction of the clinic.

The cozy atmosphere and harmony with nature are manifested not only in the area but also in the food and lifestyle of the residents. Even the local entertainment and offerings are intertwined with the region's traditions and offer restoration and replenishment with the power of natural resources.

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