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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp

Damp, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp started its work in 1973 under the leadership of the best German sports doctor, prof. Hannes Schoberth. Now it is currently the second-largest rehabilitation hospital in Germany. 11,000 patients annually receive impeccable quality care and leave positive feedback. In addition, the magazines Stern and Focus recognized the rehabilitation center as one of the best in Germany. Also, the AOK Health Navigator and the Association of Private Clinics (VPKSH) confirm the quality of treatment. Furthermore, since 2006, the German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG) and Rheumatology Association have recognized the rehabilitation clinic as a professional center.

Currently, the clinic provides services with a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in six specialized departments: two large orthopedic departments, cardiology, neurological, psychosomatic, and nephrological. In addition, 790 beds ensure smooth operation and quick access to services, despite the great popularity far beyond the country's borders.

Physical activity is the basis of treatments that help restore movement and reduce pain throughout the body. A state-of-the-art gym and warm seawater pool are available to build muscle, strength, and endurance. A properly selected load also contributes to improving the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Furthermore, seawater is not limited to the pool but is also available for inhalations and therapeutic baths. Thanks to these methods, the regional spa association awarded the Ostseebad Damp VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic the quality mark "Medicine treatment from Schleswig-Holstein". The parallel use of physiotherapeutic methods can reduce pain not only by medication. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and Bobat stimulate nerve impulse conduction locally and remotely to internal organs. A unique feature of the rehabilitation center is the ability to serve dialysis patients. The relaxed atmosphere is complemented by a bed cycle ergometer that can rotate right during the procedure. This approach helps to save time and improve dialysis efficiency and quality of life. Also, MBOR distinguishes the center from other similar institutions. A holistic, interdisciplinary, individualized, and intensified particular form of rehabilitation is aimed at people with frequent or long-term disabilities with professional problems. MBOR focuses on occupational outcomes, workability restoration, and the patient's return to career advancement.

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic in Ostseebad Damp provides rehabilitation services in the treatment of patients after operations and injuries to the joints and bones, as well as for impressions of the cardiovascular system (arrhythmia, hypertension, heart valve replacement, heart attack), nervous system (stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, multiple sclerosis) and with chronic renal failure. The variety of services, the sea air, and the modern treatment harmonize and allow the patient to feel that he is not being treated but rather a restorative therapy with inspiration for the best results.

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Founded in 1973
11,000 patients
790 beds available
N/A department

Is VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp suitable for treating geriatric patients?

Doctors offer comprehensive rehabilitation of all existing problems, which is relevant for older patients. A wide range of services contributes to faster and easier recovery without additional effort. Cardiovascular, orthopedic, nerve, and kidney problems are the main focus.

What is the uniqueness of the medical center?

Rehabilitation specialists provide unique services for their patients. In addition to using the resources of the sea for recovery, there is a dialysis unit with cycle ergometry and a special diet menu for nephrology patients. Additionally, particular MBOR therapy is available to restore professional skills.

Is the rehabilitation hospital among the best in Germany?

The rehabilitation center was repeatedly recognized as one of the best in Germany by Focus magazine. Moreover, rheumatologists and multiple sclerosis associations recognized the clinic as advanced.

Is psychosomatic therapy available at the clinic?

Psychosomatic treatment is part of almost every treatment as adjunctive therapy for pain and excessive stress. In addition, supporting patients in mental health is essential for additional motivation and reduction of complexes in the future.

About the city

Damp is a multifaceted town with a population of 2,000. The location on the Schwanzen peninsula on the Baltic Sea contributed to the status of a resort town. A four-kilometer sandy beach and areas with swimming pools and sauna, children's entertainment, and restaurants satisfy all the needs of a paradise vacation.

In 1968, the municipality decided to plan a recreation center under the futuristic name Damp 2000. The original concept was expanded during construction to include a comprehensive clinical part. As a result, one of the three buildings was converted into the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Ostseebad Damp, which became the first sports clinic in the country in 1973.

Later, an entertainment center with numerous cafes and shops and a sports center were added. In addition, 14 marinas and 365 boats in the active season offer a place to moor, romantic walks with a view of sailboats, and excursions on the water. The discovery pool has become another place for active recreation for children and parents. Especially popular in September, VIKING MANIA captivates with the spectacle of Vikings and has won the hearts of visitors. The Nature Experience Center (NEZ) Maasholm and Geltinger Birk nature reserves are in the immediate vicinity, where you can ride bicycles and picnic among rare plants.

The sea flavor next to the charming nature and recreational places satisfies visitors' needs and gives Damp a special status among the resort towns of Germany. Guests of the city get numerous pleasant experiences from quality rest and return here again and again.

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