VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade

Lehmrade, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade began its history in 1959 when a 40-bed oncology rehabilitation center was opened. Since then, the hospital has been gaining momentum and expanding. Currently, gastroenterological patients are also served here, and the number of beds has tripled to 129.

Annually, the rehabilitation center accepts 1,500 patients. The cozy countryside with forests and abundant nature mainly attracts patients with numerous outdoor activities and a peaceful atmosphere.

Much attention is paid to psychological problems and individual patient support. Doctors conduct motivational and practical training courses on sleep disorders, weight loss, smoking cessation, and relaxation. EMDR is a unique trauma therapy that combines psychotherapy sessions with eye movements to stimulate the brain's processing of traumatic information. Another feature of additional art therapy is the concept of an open art workshop, which allows patients to use the workshop independently at any time. Working with artistic means under therapeutic guidance affects the person as a whole. Therapeutic exercises can reduce pain and swelling and increase circulation in the body, which contributes to the proper functioning of all body systems. Breathing, pelvic floor exercises, nordic walking, pool training, and physical therapy also help to heal better. Occupational gymnastics (MBOR) aims to develop movements related to the patient's profession. The spectrum of physiotherapeutic procedures is rich and includes special massage techniques, lymphatic drainage with compression, therapeutic baths, electrotherapy, heat and cold therapy, and inhalations with medicines. It is essential that the staff of the VAMED Rehabilitation Center in Lehmrade change the program every week and not let the patient get bored or lose motivation. The recreation program includes meditation, yoga, Zumba Gold, bike tours, shiatsu and qigong, adult story nights, comedy nights, lectures, and readings. This approach also allows patients to be with their children or family, which promotes a relaxed atmosphere and more significant support. In addition, there are pet-friendly rooms for traveling with pets.

Doctors offer rehabilitation for cancer patients with tumors in the gynecology, tumors, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary tract, prostate, and testicles. In addition, recovery after primary treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), leukemia, plasmacytoma, lung tumors, and endocrine malignancies is available here. Another rehabilitation area is patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease, post-surgery conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, and malnutrition.

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Founded in 1959
1,500 patients
129 beds available
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Should I choose a medical center for breast cancer rehabilitation?

The clinic offers rehabilitation for breast cancer patients, including recovery after grueling treatment, round-the-clock care, psychological support, and special gymnastics specifically for breast lesions. Specific pain management is also available.

What makes VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade unique?

The extensive experience of the clinic over 50 years allows for expanding the rehabilitation program and wide using natural resources to the fullest. In addition to classical rehabilitation, patients could use other procedures, dances, cultural evenings, and excursions in the surroundings.

Will the hospital help me reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome?

The rehabilitation center is an ideal place to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, considering the more psychosomatic side of the disease. Rehabilitation specialists use individual and group psychotherapeutic consultations and appropriate medical support.

About the city

Lemrade is located in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, Schleswig-Holstein. The city was popular among hunters and constantly underwent numerous changes. The direction of health tourism brought the most incredible popularity and contributed to the area's increasing popularity.

Lemrade is primarily rural and famous for its lakeside camping and extraordinary nature. Campers return here for several years for new experiences and stress relief. But it is worth noting that nature is not limited only to this recreation area. In the north, the municipality borders the nature reserve "Oldenburg See", with one of the most significant resting places of cranes, which has become a tangible symbol of the city and is depicted on the coat of arms. In addition to enjoying nature on foot, cycling, horse riding, swimming, and fishing are popular here.

Since 1957, German Cancer Aid has contributed to opening the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade. Currently, it is one of the oldest rehabilitation facilities for cancer patients. As early as 1924, the city tried to occupy the field of rehabilitation medicine and began its journey with a year-round dietary sanatorium that offered detox and hydrotherapy with grape greenhouses on the territory. But later, it suffered a financial collapse, turned into a training center, a home and refugees, finally found its niche, took on a modern look, and became successful.

Restoration, rehabilitation, and harmony with nature are part of Lehmrade and strongly characterize it. Patients of the rehabilitation center, campers, and just tourists get peace and comfort during their stay and recharge their batteries.

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