VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenstucken Brandenburg an der Havel

Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenstucken Brandenburg an der Havel
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenstucken Brandenburg an der Havel
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenstucken Brandenburg an der Havel

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenstucken Brandenburg an der Havel specializes in restoring functions and skills of children, adolescents and young adults after neurological damage. The medical centre is in the epicentre of beautiful nature, lakes and a zoo. Specialists try to avoid a challenging hospital atmosphere and turn rehabilitation into an exciting adventure.

The paraplegic medical society recognized the medical centre for its high achievements in the adaptation of children with paralysis. In addition, there is a school on the territory of the medical centre to ensure no gaps in the education of young patients. Medical and professional restoration for career development in cooperation with the Vocational Technical School of PTU "Theodore Hoppe" and the Federal Employment Agency also contributes to the further adaptation in adult life. The clinic received a successful certification in accordance with the Decree on Accreditation and Licensing of Employment Assistance in 2015.

The medical centre is unique due to the early rehabilitation of children, even in the case of particularly severe brain injuries, thanks to the intensive care unit with artificial ventilation, cardiovascular system monitoring and oxygen therapy. Highly qualified specialists help stabilize the state of consciousness and restore communication skills and the simplest movements. At the paraplegia centre, wheelchair basketball training, bowel control and catheterization training, psychological support, and assistive device counselling are available. In this way, parents and children are not left alone with the problem and have the opportunity to prevent disease-related complications, depression or total disability. Modern and effective methods of physiotherapy, sports and speech therapy and music complement the primary treatment for a better recovery of functions. Evidence-based cure with assistant animals for psychomotor development is also used for variety. Hippotherapy improves posture, balance and muscle tension. To assess the success of rehabilitation, doctors provide a detailed analysis and comparison of the Barthel index at the initial stage and upon discharge from the centre, ensuring work transparency.

Brandenburg an der Havel VAMED Rehabilitation Center Hohenstucken is a model institution for the adaptation of children with disabilities. Capturing all areas of life from infancy to adulthood helps patients gain confidence in the future, find themselves, and learn to self-control symptoms. In addition, early rehabilitation, starting with the stabilization of breathing and cardiovascular work and further continuation of the recovery in one place, allows one not to spend additional money and time on transportation and getting used to a new location.

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Founded in 2000
900 patients
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Should І choose a medical centre for pediatric long-term rehabilitation?

The clinic has everything necessary for the long-term stay of children and facilitates teaching the school curriculum or technical education on the territory. In addition, the child can practice sports and music and acquire communication skills parallel to rehabilitation.

What entertainment is available to children in addition to rehabilitation?

Discotheques, movies, shopping tours, excursions, billiards, table tennis, crafts, cooking and baking, swimming, zoo, sports and games are available outside the rehabilitation. In addition, specialists contribute to a relaxed atmosphere within the hospital.

Is there a kindergarten at VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenstucken Brandenburg?

The medical centre offers proper supervision in the kindergarten on the territory with 4 specially trained teachers. In addition to care, concentration, endurance training, attention, and memory are also used.

About the city

Brandenburg an der Havel is an independent town in the state of Bandenburg. Compared to neighbouring Berlin, Brandenburg is a relatively small city with around 70,000 inhabitants. It has a long history and was first mentioned as a city as early as 948. In the 19th century, Brandenburg an der Havel was an important industrial centre in Prussia, producing world-famous bicycles.

Brandenburg an der Havel is over 1000 years old - so tourists can afford to have three city centres at once: the Old and New Towns complement the Cathedral Island - history is at every step. Sights include the Gothic old town hall, built in 1474, and the Brandenburg Theater, which has its symphony orchestra. But at the same time, the charming town is also the gateway to the Brandenburg lakes of Havel. So Brandenburg an der Havel, surrounded by a fabulous landscape of rivers and lakes, is an Eldorado for yachters and water sports enthusiasts.

With around 2,500 students, the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is relatively small but has an excellent reputation for preparing students for high-skilled jobs. In addition, the city is home to the Brandenburg Medical School, founded in 2014. The city is also home to the Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel. The modern medical centre provides excellent services in the field of neurology and psychiatry.

Infrastructure, education, culture, health care, clubs and societies have traditionally developed under the influence of the river that runs through the city and the surrounding lake landscapes. Brandenburg an der Havel is a city that has a lot to offer.

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