VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hildesheim

Hildesheim, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hildesheim
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hildesheim
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hildesheim

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hildesheim offers a high level of orthopaedic-neurological patient care and rehabilitation. In addition, the clinic effectively works with psychosomatic problems and provides knowledge for the prevention of diseases in the future.

The medical centre has physiotherapists, sports therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers and nutritionists. The multidisciplinary team works on the patient's fastest recovery and adaptation to self-care. The comprehensive treatment can be up to 6 hours a day, and the frequency of sessions is determined by the cause and the degree of complexity.

Muscle-building training, medical exercise therapy or strength training on medical equipment are included in T-RENA. The comprehensive program is suitable for rehabilitation after operations or inpatient treatment, as well as for disorders or functional limitations of the posture and musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy treatment includes both long-proven and innovative rehabilitation methods: Bobat physiotherapy, PNF, Klein-Fogelbach functional movement therapy, sling table therapy, gait school and vascular training. The goal is to suppress pathological movement patterns and postures, stimulate correct movements, relieve the musculoskeletal system, and improve local microcirculation and healing. In addition, electrical stimulation, heat and cold procedures, massages and Kinesio Taping speed up the metabolism and reduce inflammation and the level of painful sensations. Game and creative occupational therapy methods contribute to the restoration, development, improvement, maintenance or compensation of motor, sensory, psychological and cognitive functions. Many services for neurological patients contributed to developing a speech therapy favour with highly accurate diagnosis and treatment of voice, pronunciation, swallowing and hearing disorders.

In addition to pain reduction and rehabilitative recovery, the Hildesheim VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic offers psychological counselling for psychosomatic or exhausted patients, nutritional correction to reduce weight and body strain, and individual innovative sports medicine training Hildesheim Vital for patients for the prevention of orthopaedic diseases. The centre's primary goal is to constantly develop innovative treatment methods and instil a love for the body.

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Founded in 2020
900 patients
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Is the medical centre suitable for the rehabilitation of Guillain-Barre disease?

The rehabilitation clinic covers the necessary spectrum for restoring functions and preventing further progression of Guillain-Barrе disease: physiotherapeutic effects on the affected limbs and restoration of swallowing.

What is the T-RENA clinic program?

T-RENA increases physical performance and endurance 4 weeks after the main course of rehabilitation. The program includes 26 physical exercises in a small group, with a maximum of 2 times a week for 1 hour. The point is to maintain form and consolidate results.

Is there a long line for treatment at VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hildesheim?

Outpatient supervision, precise organization and the possibility of working in groups make it possible to provide all patients with the necessary treatment on time.

About the city

Hildesheim, lost in the foothills of the Harz, soaked in the salt of the nearby North Sea, is considered one of the oldest cities in Lower Saxony. Despite heavy damage during the war, the city still retains the character of the Middle Ages.

Hildesheim is best known for its churches, two of which, Hildesheim Cathedral and St. Michael's Church, testify in an unusual way to the Romanesque religious art of the Holy Roman Empire. UNESCO recognized this by including 1985 the Church of St. Michael and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in the World Heritage List. In the museums of Hildesheim, visitors can find world-class art and historical and cultural treasures. The Roemer-und-Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim is best known for its ancient Egyptian collection.

A unique attraction of Hildesheim is the local cuisine. The famous Hildesheim pumpernickel is very popular in these parts. This dish, invented in 1733, is simple rye bread. Hildesheim is also known throughout Germany for its spectacular festivals and traditional celebrations. Among them is one of the largest music festivals in Germany - the M'era Luna Festival. In addition to entertainment, the city pays excellent attention to the healthcare system. Academic Hospital Helios Hildesheim, which works closely with Hannover Medical School, offers first-class medical services. The highly qualified medical team specializes in oncology, obstetrics and surgery.

Germany is a historical country in itself, but the city of Hildesheim has its historical magic. Large museums and old cathedrals, shopping areas, and architecture of the 14-15th century will interest every tourist.

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