VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bleicherode

Bleicherode, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bleicherode
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bleicherode
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bleicherode

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bleicherode is a private rehabilitation facility for orthopedic adult patients. It is located at the southern foothills of the Harz Mountains in picturesque northern Thuringia and is impressive with its views.

The building is located in the Helios Hospital Bleicherode. Such proximity facilitates the use of high-tech additional diagnostic methods and, if necessary, quick response to the exacerbation of diseases. Cooperation with Helios Emergency Hospital also offers patients comprehensive care in complex cases.

In addition to general examination and orthopedic diagnostics, X-ray and ultrasound devices are used. The most excellent attention is paid to a complex approach to the disease. Doctors operate the most effective methods of manual exposure to body areas. This technique contributes to more precise point improvements in the affected area. Highly experienced specialists affect minor structures of the body, such as blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as nerves. Сlassic and lymphatic massages are combined with electrotherapy, cold, and heat therapy. Specialists also work on restoring the motor functions of the limbs thanks to group and individual physical exercises. A bicycle ergometer, during training, adjust the speed and intensity of the exercise depending on the pulse and the work of the heart. As a result, patients do not get exhausted and do not get problems in the future, but on the contrary, they learn the skills of rational, conscious sports. Breathing gymnastics also increases the endurance of patients. Teaching at daily lectures contributes to the education of relatives and patients with endoprostheses, improve the quality of home care, and reduces the risk of repeated replacement of artificial joints. Upon discharge from the medical center, patients leave the clinic with high-quality knowledge of prevention and care, trained in rehabilitation, nutrition, and proper pain relief.

Bleicherode VAMED Rehabilitation Center aims to provide the patient with comprehensive treatment and confidence in the future. By receiving strong support from doctors, the patient improves his self-care skills and gets rid of complexes and psychological problems. As a result, correct posture, smooth gait, and clarity of movements return to everyday life and restore working capacity.

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Will I be able to receive rehabilitation after knee replacement?

The clinic is recommended for visiting patients after endoprosthesis of joints for quick recovery of movements and learning the skills of proper handling of artificial joints. As a result, patients gain more confidence in their movements and reduce the risk of problems in the future.

Is VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bleicherode suitable for the prevention of orthopedic diseases?

The rehabilitation center offers training in conscious sports and rational nutrition, which contribute to reducing the risk of problems with the musculoskeletal system. Heart rate control and proper breathing also improve cardiovascular function and reduce the risk of strokes.

Is the hospital suitable for people at high risk for emergency conditions?

The clinic is located on the hospital grounds and works closely with the emergency department to respond quickly to emergencies and acute deterioration. Also, the medical staff is trained to provide high-quality first aid, so patients can not worry about safety.

About the city

Bleicherode is a small town in the Nordhausen district with over 10,000 people. The Bleicherode and Harz mountains surround the city. The Bode tributary flows through the town, which also fascinates with its beauty.

The city is famous for its local history museum, which houses an extensive collection of replica weapons, furniture, radios, coins, fossils, insect specimens and local history literature. In addition, the building houses vast estates, diploma and technical dissertations of former pupils and students, detailed documentation on the local labour movement, the remains of the city archive and a collection of newspapers on local history.

Several restored above-ground structures in the urban landscape are reminiscent of a century-old mining tradition. Bleicherod has many churches, such as the Church of St. Mary, Church of the Rose and Church of St. Matthias. Travellers also visit the city because of the specialized orthopaedic hospital with four centres. Helios Hospital Bleicherode is considered the best orthopaedic centre in Thuringia. The medical team offers first-class medical care according to international standards.

Mountainous terrain, rich history, a famous medical centre - these are not all the reasons to visit Bleicherode. The city captivates from the first minutes of visiting and leaves only good impressions.

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