VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land

Bergisch-Land, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land has been in a picturesque ​​land in the middle of the Gelpetal nature reserve since 2002. Nearby is a park area with an incredible view. The private center is visited by 2,500 patients accommodated in 206 cozy rooms. In addition, the high level of service provision consists of a carefully thought-out diet during treatment. Thanks to this, the hospital received a quality mark from the German Institute for Quality Assurance and RAL Marking.

The rehabilitation center in Bergisch-Land directs its attention to oncological diseases, metabolic disorders, gastroenterological problems, and psychosomatics. From the first hours of stay, the patient is under the care of psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, urotherapists, nutritionists, stomatologists, occupational therapists, and pastors. Bergisch-Land VAMED Rehabilitation Hospital has already been recognized 7 times by Focus magazine as one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Germany. It has also been ranked in the Stern top list many times. In addition, the hospital management supports creative initiatives and offers numerous art exhibitions on the territory (for example, the Luttringhausen art group). The doctors' care is also shown in lectures to increase patient education about urinary incontinence, and stoma care is also available. Another advantage is the special active rehabilitation of U50 in small closed groups for young oncology patients.

Furthermore, the rehabilitation center is equipped with high-tech diagnostic capabilities, considering the possible impact of oncology on various body organs. They include gastroscopy, colonoscopy, rectoromanoscopy, proctoscopy for endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract, urethroscopy, urethrocystoscopy, and uroflow for the genitourinary system. After the examination, the patient begins his rehabilitation path accompanied by experienced specialists. One of the best practices is helping patients with a stoma, which includes teaching about care and selecting materials to use. Also, a feature is an electromagnetic therapy for people with urinary and fecal incontinence, which painlessly stimulates the nerve fibers of the pelvis. This technique especially helps people after prostate surgery. Furthermore, treatment of mucositis, skin care after radiation therapy, promotion of wound healing after tumor radiation, and smooth transition after bone marrow transplantation are also available.

A multidisciplinary approach to remedy and a vast range of coverage for rehabilitation allowed the center to gain international recognition and achieve high patient satisfaction. Restoring the normal rhythm of life, despite the obstacles in the form of illness, is the primary goal of the employees of the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic in Bergisch-Land.

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2,500 patients
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Is psychological support available during treatment?

The hospital provides psychological support and offers special psychosomatic treatment Psy-RENA after the main course of rehabilitation. Especially this offer is ideal for a smooth transition from a hospital stay to everyday situations.

Should you choose the center for lung cancer rehabilitation?

Physical therapists offer improved respiratory function and reduced pain for lung cancer patients. In addition, doctors help to overcome additional manifestations of the disease. These include excessive weight loss, indigestion, susceptibility to infection, and heart problems.

Is VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land good for prostatectomy recovery?

The clinic offers a comprehensive diagnostic of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. In addition, the cavernosal injection test allows non-surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction. The method consists in filling smooth muscles with relaxants and thus increasing blood flow.

About the city

Bergisch-Land is a low-lying region on the right bank of the Rhine in Germany. Its natural areas are dominated by forests, rivers, and meadows, as well as a large number of artificial lakes. One of the unique attractions is the Panarbora Nature Discovery Park.

The territory is characterized by historical cities with numerous castles, museums, and sacred buildings. Such diversity has contributed to developing vibrant tours of the most historical places, caves, and quarries. The most popular are one-day and short vacations and business trips due to the proximity to the trade, exhibition, and industrial sites of Cologne, Düsseldorf, and the Ruhr region. In addition, the most significant number of valley reservoirs in Europe and cycling routes contribute to active recreation and water sports development. Bergische Kaffeetafel is the region's traditional cuisine and is an essential part of the holiday, and characterizes the tradition of hospitality. Local dishes also include a variety of pastries and unique meats. Such love for food contributed to the restaurants receiving Michelin stars.

Precipitation and a steep slope create favorable conditions for the use of hydroelectric power in Bergisch-Land. In addition, the large number of tourists and rich nature allowed VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bergisch-Land to develop its capacities and assist patients with oncology, gastroenterology, psychosomatic, and metabolic diseases. As a result, the medical center is characterized by a high level of treatment efficiency and an impeccable reputation.

Bergisch-Land is a particular holiday destination, as it can satisfy the whims of people of all ages. The cities offer numerous entertainment, historical curiosities, and traditional delicacies for children and adults and leave pleasant memories.

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