VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth
VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth

About the hospital

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth has been accepting patients since 1983 in various health restoration and disease prevention areas. It has been working as part of the VAMED since 2014 and contributed to the expansion to 155 beds. Continuous implementation of scientifically proven therapeutic knowledge in treatment and rehabilitation.

The clinic is a member of the Federal Association of Geriatrics and is accredited to conduct training programs for staff qualification within the framework of ZERCUR GERIATRIE for nurses and therapists. Furthermore, in June 2021, the Federal Association of Rehabilitation Specialists audited Bad Salzdetfurth VAMED Rehabilitation Hospital according to the VPKSH quality mark. This success and recognition have contributed to significant popularity and have ensured the annual service of 2,500 patients annually.

Since the number and severity of diseases may increase with age, doctors provide exceptional care and intensive rehabilitation to patients in the high-tech geriatric department. Patients have the opportunity to simultaneously solve the problems of nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and musculoskeletal diseases. In addition, doctors also pay attention to frailty, reduced resistance, attention and memory disorders, and drug intolerance. Patients participate in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise therapy, psychological and social counseling, and speech therapy courses. Orthopedic treatment allows one to be freed from stiffness and improper motor behavior and restore movement in the shortest possible time. A unique feature of rehabilitation at the VAMED Rehabilitation Center in Bad Salzdetfurth is fascial therapy, according to Tipaldos, which reduces the pinching of nerves and compression of vessels due to deformation of the fascia. The Feldenkrais method and progressive muscle relaxation rid the body of spasms and excessive pathological tone. Learning to handle artificial joints and using prostheses reduces future complications and the risk of repeat treatments and surgeries. Physical therapy in the local salt pool is a prominent feature of rehabilitation at the Bad Salzdetfurth and uses natural resources for recovery.

The specialized medical rehabilitation clinic accepts patients in the cardiology, orthopedics, and geriatrics departments. The main goal of doctors is to support and restore the quality of private and social life of patients, which was disturbed by their illness.

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Founded in 1983
2,500 patients
155 beds available
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Is the center suitable for geriatric patients?

Thanks to membership in the association of geriatrics, doctors have access to innovative treatment methods. In addition, the variety of services offered at the center allows you to capture several affected organ systems at once and restore each lost function in detail.

What is special about the resort at VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth?

The medical center uses the traditions of the location in applying the healing properties of local mineral salts. Thanks to this, doctors can influence the body as a whole, strengthening general immunity and improving the patient's appearance as a bonus.

What additional services are available at the hospital?

The clinic offers patients visits to local excursions, sports games, cooking workshops, and creative evenings. In addition, group rehabilitation classes allow you to maintain a friendly atmosphere between patients and receive additional support. Doctors try to improve the mood of patients in various ways.

About the city

Bad Salzdetfurth is a recognized state health resort with approximately 13,000 inhabitants in part of the natural region of the Lower Saxon Highlands. The city is a regionally significant recreational, medical and industrial place.

The historic old town has numerous half-timbered houses, some of which were built as early as the 17th century. Innerste river flows through the city area and the Walshausen estate in a westerly direction. The city's landscape is complemented by the highest Bozenberg mountain in the Salzdetfurter forest at a height of 339 meters and a 17-meter observation tower from 1956. Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth has been organizing group exhibitions of works by artists from all over Europe in the art building of Bodenburg Castle since 1998. In addition, spa concerts are regularly held in the resort gardens.

The first documentary mention of the city dates back to 1194. The inhabitants of the city were probably salt producers. Local legend says that Knight Steinberg got lost while hunting a deer. In the agony of thirst, he came across a salty spring and was initially saddened, and then realized what wealth this discovery could bring him. The knight sent for the salt shakers, who cleared the forest and set up cauldrons with salt shakers. The leading HELIOS network also contributed to the city's development and actively used the healing properties of the local nature. The modern cardiology, orthopedic and geriatric VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Salzdetfurth has been accepting patients since 1983 and is constantly expanding its services.

Bad Salzdetfurth is a city that continues to develop and is open to new ideas and guests. The activity of the residents and the rich social life in the form of charity concerts, fairs, and festivals contrast with the calm landscapes and cozy atmosphere.

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