VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm

Ulm, Germany
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VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm

About the hospital

VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm has been in the city center since 1995 and provides rehabilitation for orthopaedic patients after primary treatment or surgery in case of accidents.

Highly qualified doctors provide quality services quickly and according to international medical standards. In addition to routine care, urgent supervision is available for patients with acute symptoms. Furthermore, all rehabilitation is provided on an outpatient basis for better comfort. The modern building of 1,200 square meters is specially equipped for easy access to all premises.

The rehabilitation hospital has an impeccable reputation, allowing it to cooperate with the German Boxing, Skiing, Volleyball Associations Ulm, and the Einstein Marathon. Sports rehabilitation developed by "AOK Sports" for professional athletes and people who want to master a particular sport has significantly reduced pain and improved range of motion. In addition, before starting rehabilitation, there is an opportunity to undergo preliminary diagnostics: spirometry, spiroergometry, treadmill analysis with video recording and advice from certified sports instructors, and study of spine function. MTT sports therapy on the KGG device, both independently and in combination, can also suppress pain under specific dosages and by following precise instructions. In addition to classical scientific treatment methods, doctors use alternative methods (osteopathy, kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, and fascia therapy, according to Typaldos). It can complement and help speed up recovery. In addition, the medical centre conducts special courses promoting a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. This approach helps prevent injuries and promotes better well-being and productivity at work. A particular study of the impact of sports on mental health in the ImPuls project in cooperation with the Eberhard Karl University in Tubingen expanded the range of services for patients with depression, agoraphobia, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and inorganic insomnia.

VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Center Ulm is a flourishing modern facility with high-performance indicators in the rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Classical and alternative methods complement outpatient rehabilitation and also work for the benefit of psychological well-being. Also, the general positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, immunity, and occupational hygiene is an enjoyable bonus.

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Founded in 1995
401 patients
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Can I choose a medical center for postoperative rehabilitation of the knee joint?

Doctors offer special programs for rehabilitation after joint operations and beyond. For example, complex therapy helps increase the range of motion and reduce pain. Also, specialists work not only to return the patient to everyday life but also to help with sports achievements.

Is rehabilitation available for orthopedic patients with psychological illnesses?

Orthopedic patients with different diseases, including psychological ones, can undergo treatment in a rehabilitation centre. There is also an opportunity to participate in research on the impact of sports on depression, PTSD, and sleep disorders.

Will VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm help me prevent significant diseases?

Orthopedists and rehabilitators assess the patient's lifestyle, occupation, and family history to better plan a preventive program. The course includes sports exercises, studying body features, muscle work, and physiotherapeutic procedures.

About the city

Ulm is a major scientific and university centre and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Ulm is located on the Danube River banks in Baden-Wurttemberg. Thanks to this great location: Lake Constance and the Alps are 1.5 hours away, and the proximity to the Swabian Alba - Ulm is an ideal place to relax.

Ulm is world-famous for its cathedral with the tallest spire in the world. Travellers with high stamina can see Ulm and its surroundings from 161 meters. A guided tour of the Ulm Museum is also an exciting experience. Its archaeological collection includes a 32,000-year-old lion-headed figurine, the world's oldest known artificial sculpture. The Ulm Museum also provides cultural insight into Ulm's historical past and two of its most famous citizens: Albert Einstein and Sophie Scholl. The popular areas of Fischerviertel and Gerberviertel have been beautifully restored and are home to great cafes, restaurants and pubs. There are also plenty of relaxing beer gardens in Neu-Ulm, the Bavarian counterpart of the city across the Danube.

Ulm is a major road, rail and communications centre. Its industries include automobiles, electrical equipment, metal products, garden tools, textiles, and other light industries. The city has many schools, academies, colleges and libraries. Ulm University was founded in 1967 as the "Ulm University of Medical and Natural Sciences" and is the youngest public university in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the Ulm University Hospital provides patient care and - in close cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine - trains students in human medicine, dentistry and molecular medicine. Sports such as football, volleyball and basketball are also in demand in the city. The city also has one of the largest rowing clubs in Baden-Württemberg - Ulmer Ruderclub Donau.

Ulm presents itself as an old city with its romantic narrow streets, squares and half-timbered houses that retain the character of a small fishing village. Visitors to the town can enjoy the great atmosphere while walking along the Blau, a tributary of the Danube, or take a short break in one of the many cafes. No one remains indifferent after visiting such a diverse city as Ulm.

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