VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz

Pulsnitz, Germany
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VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz

About the hospital

VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz has extensive experience in the patient's early recovery, rapid reduction of acute symptoms, and intensive therapy. The history of development of rehabilitation care began in Pulsnitz Castle in 1947 with the pulmonary sanatorium. Later, thanks to its development and popularity, the clinic became a modern advanced health center with a neurological and neurosurgical direction with an outpatient type of care.

168 places provide access to medical services for everyone and serve almost 3,000 patients a year. Since 2020, the VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss in Pulsnitz has been a DMSG-certified rehabilitation center for patients with multiple sclerosis.

For post-stroke patients, multicomponent rehabilitation therapy is available to help restore lost function and reduce disability. Occupational therapy and art therapy contribute to the improvement of psychological well-being and the restoration of independent living skills. Also, sports therapy offers various types of employment and involvement of patients in an active lifestyle. Archery, rock climbing and water training, bicycle ergometry, and nordic walking help patients understand sports not as a forced part but as a hobby and an exciting recreation. This approach promotes a more athletic lifestyle outside of therapy. Increasing healing and reducing tension in the body is achieved through massages, electrotherapy, hydro-electrophysiotherapy, and heat programs (fango, red light). The clinic departments are equipped with various gait rehabilitation equipment (gait trainer and treadmill with unloading) and specially trained therapeutic horses, taking into account the main profile of the rehabilitation direction. Riding stimulates the motor impulses that form the "I go" information by absorbing the impulse through the pelvis to the brain. Reorganization of the brain and regulation of muscle tension has high results and numerous positive feedback from patients. For greater self-confidence of patients, doctors also offer speech therapy courses to improve pronunciation, increase voice volume and reduce swallowing disorders. Music therapy is one of the ways to improve speech function, and it has been incredibly effective in combating stuttering. The Pulsnitz VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Center Schloss also provides care for patients with severe head injuries and provides adequate care for mechanical ventilation and tube feeding. Also, detailed analysis and rehabilitation contribute to the earliest return to independent nutrition and breathing.

Patients with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's, brain tumors, and skull injuries can receive proper care and restore body functions. Rehabilitation specialists also work with speech disorders, complex patients in intensive care, and neurosurgical operations. A complex individual approach ensures proper attention to each case and high satisfaction with treatment.

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Founded in 1947
2,900 patients
168 beds available
N/A departments

Should I choose VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz for multiple sclerosis?

The clinic is a certified leading center for treating multiple sclerosis. The quality mark guarantees high treatment efficiency according to the gold world standards. In addition, the rehabilitator's work contributes to the general improvement of the condition of all body systems.

Is recovery of functions available in a rehabilitation hospital after severe brain injuries?

Help for seriously ill patients is provided in the intensive care unit. Highly qualified doctors have the skills of weaning from ventilators and tube feeding. Also, rehabilitators use methods of passive performance of movements, which reduce the risk of bedsores and disability.

Is a medical center suitable for gait improvement?

Doctors use various simulators and horse riding to retrain the body and make structural changes in the brain. Frequent repetition of correct movements rewrites neurological information. Therefore the patient consolidates the positive experience of not falling.

About the city

Pulsnitz is a small Saxon town in the district of Bautzen. The largest city is famous for its superiority in manufacturing gingerbread. This fact attracts tourists from worldwide and plays a significant role in the economic spectrum. The special right to bake gingerbread was granted in 1558.

Almost 8,000 inhabitants are located on a hill above the river of the same name between mountains with forested peaks. The first remark of the city dates back to 1225. It became a residence for the noble family that built the castle. The palace has been preserved and consists of the VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schloss Pulsnitz. Back in 1947, a pulmonary sanatorium was moved here, to which a tuberculosis department was later added. Over time, needs change, and the hospital's structure currently consists of neurological and neurosurgical rehabilitation and intensive and speech therapy. The success of the resort also led to the opening of the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Schwedenstein, which provides more general rehabilitation and helps refugees.

In addition to restoring health and preventing diseases amid charming landscapes and fresh air, Pulsnitz offers to visit the gingerbread museum and bake the treat according to the original recipe. After tasting sweets and with new energy,  guests of the city can dive into the artistic world of the Hans-Rietschel-Haus gallery and the East Saxon Art Gallery. The wide square with the town hall and the hidden column of the Saxon square, the old castle of Oberlichtenau from 1718, and the late Gothic church of St. Nicholas with the Pfützner organ will decorate the evening walk of the city after a busy day. Numerous viewing platforms, created due to the close location to the mountains and hills, open a picturesque landscape of the city and its nature.

Delicious original treats and a tradition of health restoration are the hallmarks of Pulsnitz. The city supports tourists in their quest to feel better and offers rich recreation alongside high-quality medical care.

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