VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Norderstedt

Norderstedt, Germany
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VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Norderstedt
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Norderstedt
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Norderstedt

About the hospital

VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Norderstedt was founded in 1987 to speed up the recovery of patients and reduce the cost of incapacity. During its existence, it became one of the leading health restoration and prevention centers.

The Hamburg Association of Disabled Sports and Rehabilitation (BRS Hamburg) recognizes the clinic's rehabilitation sports groups. The physical exercises are intended to increase endurance, improve coordination and return the patient's ability to self-care. The training is quite varied and consists of 50 units of exercise. A particular type of movement therapy is CIMT, which is explicitly aimed at the paresis of the hand and limits the healthy hand for maximum use of the affected side.

Pilates and TRX-Training are suitable for strengthening the muscles of the whole body and are an additional option to the primary treatment. Back Fit is also used to improve spinal stability. Yoga and Nordic walking harmonize the upper and lower body, reduce stress, and improve the cardiovascular system. The list of particular types of movement therapy is not limited to this. Rehabilitators also offer boxing classes (Fit-Fun-Boxing), so everyone will find an activity to their liking. Passive movement and positioning of the paralyzed patient is a part of teaching active exercise, mobilizing a patient after a heart attack, or training gait after hip replacement or stroke. Manual lymphatic drainage, massages, transverse friction, heat therapy, hot roll, cold therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound and electrostimulation, and iontophoresis help improve the effectiveness of the available treatment. Also, it consolidates the effect of the treatment for a longer time. Norderstedt Vital and RV Fit are specially developed programs for healthy patients to prevent orthopedic, cardiovascular and nervous disease. Mindful sports activities that study body physiology and anatomy allow understanding of exercise's effect on the body better.

A feature of Norderstedt VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Center is the offer of outpatient rehabilitation for greater convenience for the patient. Maintaining the comfort of home, contact with family and friends, and trying therapy at home allows the patient to maintain physical support of the body without the help of doctors. In this way, rehabilitation becomes more of a patient's lifestyle, becoming an integral part.

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Founded in 1987
501 patients
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Should I choose VAMED Clinic Norderstedt for rehabilitation after arthroplasty?

Rehabilitation specialists offer a variety of physiotherapy and exercises to restore movement in the operated joint gently. Doctors work in a multidisciplinary way to develop a unique approach to each patient. In addition, the patient can choose between several options.

Is the medical center a good place for disease prevention?

Norderstedt Vital and RV Fit are specially designed programs to prevent orthopedic problems in the future. As a result, the patient learns to perform exercises with the most outstanding efficiency and without injury, in the end, has an idea about the body's work and controlling the load.

Can I reduce painful sensations in the body thanks to rehabilitation in the clinic?

Physical exercises, physiotherapy, and psychological support can reduce the impact of psychosomatic disorders and improve general blood circulation. This way, there is better healing and appetite improvement, and inflammatory manifestations and pain disappear.

About the city

Norderstedt is a young town founded in 1970 in the southern part of Schleswig-Holstein. The population is currently 83,000 people and includes residents of four cities. Their history goes back to the distant past.

The territory has been a region of the Holy Roman Empire since the Middle Ages and was also under the rule of Austria for a while. Now visitors can observe these two empires' influence on the culture and architecture. The most significant development of the city is associated with substantial population growth in the Norderstedt area since 1921. Large commercial and industrial settlements caused a significant economic rise. Since the 1970s, Norderstedt has increasingly become an important location for industry and trade in the northern economic province around Hamburg.

During their stay in the city, guests have the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience in Norderstedt Park, with its arboretum and lake. Also in the Park is a water skiing center and an outdoor pool. In addition, numerous recreational areas are located in Willi Brandt Park and Moorback Park. Furthermore, tourists should visit the Rantsauer forest for picnics and enjoy the wild nature. In addition to active recreation in the fresh air, guests can immerse themselves in artistic life or get acquainted with the culture of Germany's past. Exhibitions of regional and national artists' works are regularly held in various places. Norderstedt's public space also hosts more than 200 works of art. In addition, theatre professional and amateur groups offer to spend the evening watching world performances. One of the concepts of the city of Norderstedt is health improvement and disease prevention. Former shareholders and doctors founded the rehabilitation center VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Norderstedt in 1987 with the idea of ​​quality rehabilitation of patients for the fastest return to work. The rehabilitation center was the first therapeutic center of this type in northern Germany.

The city of Norderstedt continues growth and becomes increasingly important for the population of Germany and neighboring regions. An active social life, great attention to ecology and a healthy lifestyle, care for young people, and numerous cultural events give the modern city all the opportunities to expand its popularity outside the country.

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