VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Lubeck

Lubeck, Germany
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VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Lubeck
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Lubeck
VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Lubeck

About the hospital

VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Lubeck has provided rehabilitation services to patients since 1993 and offers recovery in a familiar environment without hospitalization. In addition, patients can apply the acquired skills in everyday life.

Since 2011, compliance with global medical standards has allowed the hospital to receive the "Medical Rehabilitation of Proven Quality" approval. In 2017, the rehabilitation center was recertified by the Association of Schleswig-Holstein Hospitals (KGSH) and the Association of Private Clinics Schleswig-Holstein eV (VPKSH). Compliance with high standards, the desire to apply world methods, and patient orientation have borne fruit and allowed the center to gain recognition outside the country.

Medical Vocational Oriented Rehabilitation (MBOR) is one of the particular types of therapy that provides a unique program for the employed. This approach includes specific on-the-job training or professional behavior and experience group programs. Occupational therapists are engaged in motor-functional and sensorimotor-perceptual treatment to restore working capacity. Occupational musculoskeletal rehabilitation (ABMR) addresses functional and structural impairments and integrates therapy into specific work-related activities. Training is not limited to the damaged structure but involves the whole body. Intensive rehabilitation care (IRENA) and training in therapeutic rehabilitation aftercare (T-RENA) receive a course of rehabilitation activities for one year and six months, respectively. Also, healthy patients have the opportunity to prevent diseases in the institution and receive periodic services for this. Lubeck Vital offers an individual training program based on a health and fitness diagnosis. The program promotes health and helps actively counteract existing health disorders such as back pain and high blood pressure.

Lubeck VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Center offers general strengthening and health rehabilitation through movement and cognitive development. Great attention to the working capacity of a person and taking into account the specifics of work contribute to increased patient motivation.

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Founded in 1993
400 patients
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Is VAMED Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Lubeck suitable for long-term rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation center is ideal for long-term rehabilitation, as it provides an outpatient approach. The patient can improve function and not interrupt their everyday life. Family coziness and care of relatives motivate better recovery and new achievements.

Does the rehabilitation center provide services in vocational rehabilitation?

Doctors have special programs that contribute to the restoration of professional skills. In addition, doctors have extensive experience and are familiar with various types of work, so the specifics of the load and the repetition of certain movements are taken into account.

Can I choose a polyclinic as a prevention center?

The Lubeck Vital program was designed for people without severe illnesses with significant or minor symptoms. Conscious sports and special training for further use at home allow patients to prevent diseases and reduce the risk of injury.

About the city

Lubeck is the former capital and queen city of the Hanseatic League. The town was founded in the 12th century and flourished until the 16th century as an important trading center in northern Europe. The medieval atmosphere and historical and cultural sights still dominate the beautiful cityscape and bring visitors back to the city's glorious past.

Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicist buildings, narrow lanes, churches and monasteries, merchant houses, and fortifications come together in a great whole. An excellent example of brick Gothic architecture is the Church of St. Mary, with the highest brick vault in the world. The modern Muk Concert Hall for the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival is just around the corner. Old Town also includes other significant buildings, such as the ensemble around the town hall, the castle monastery, the Koberg square, the Holsten Gate - the city's most famous landmark - and the Salzspeicher salt pans on the banks of the Trave River. There is a sweeter side to Lubeck's history as it is world-renowned for its finest marzipan.

It is Germany's largest Baltic harbor, and the port is the leading employer in the city. There are three universities in Lubeck: the University of Lubeck, the Technical University of Applied Sciences Lubeck, and the Academy of Music Lubeck. University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein is one of the modern medical institutions in Germany which can offer a thorough diagnosis and effective treatment.

Medieval Lubeck is the perfect place to stroll along the sea past historical buildings. And when the sun goes down, the city's many pubs, restaurants, bars, and clubs come to life.

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