VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein

Traunstein, Germany
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VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein
VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein
VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein

About the hospital

VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein is a private clinic with an area of ​​approximately 3,600 square meters and embodies a rehabilitation facility, a premium fitness, and a wellness center in one bottle. Since 1997, modern therapy concepts with high-tech support have been available here.

The concept of a rehabilitation hospital consists of the general strengthening of the body during the treatment of specific problems. As a result, after completing the course, the patient has not only a solution to pain problems or restoration of functions but also an improved appearance, elastic skin, stimulated immunity, and a balanced nervous system.

A particular therapy is cupping, a type of classical lymphatic drainage. The created negative pressure can stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. Thanks to this technique, the removal of excessive tone and stimulation of the immune system are achieved. In addition, it is possible to treat back, menstrual, headache pain, sciatica, bronchitis, and colds. Similar in its effect is craniosacral therapy, which uses pulling and pressing in critical areas. In addition, this technique helps to improve sleep and reduce tinnitus and stress resistance. The complex effect on the body is available not only to adults but also to babies. Parents can reduce their children's colic, sleep disturbances, constant crying, and hyperactivity thanks to osteopathy. In addition, there is a positive effect on developmental delay or possible birth injuries. Also, osteopathy has proven its effectiveness in the urological and gynecological field, bursitis, and trigeminal neuralgia and has a general strengthening effect. For complete relaxation, rehabilitators offer massages and visits to saunas, salt grottoes, deep pools, and steam baths. Cosmetic procedures complement complex treatments and offer a fight against skin dullness and rashes.

VAMED Health Сlinic Chiemgau Traunstein is the ideal place for stress recovery, a family vacation with benefits, and a typical holiday alone. Rehabilitators combine various relaxation methods for the body and help eliminate pain sensations of different natures.

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Founded in 1997
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Is it worth choosing the rehabilitation clinic for a joint stay with the baby?

The medical center is ideal for a family wellness retreat, as both mother and baby can benefit from rehabilitative care. For example, osteopathy allows both to get rid of painful sensations, improve sleep quality and reduce body tension.

Is VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein suitable for speech disorders?

The clinic offers speech therapy for patients with speech, voice, and swallowing disorders in Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cognitive impairment and dementia, and a tracheostomy tube.

What methods are available in the hospital for neurological patients?

Bobath, AFFOLTER, and PERFETT are used to restore lost neural connections after a stroke. MENTASTIM electrical stimulation also helps to restore movement due to the activation of new, intact nerve cells. Therapy is also available for children with ADS/ADHD.

About the city

Traunstein is a large city in the administrative region of Upper Bavaria with a population of 21,000. The town is first noted in a document of 1245. Stately city buildings, idyllic streets and squares, and various bands with a broad musical range in the evenings create a unique atmosphere for relaxation.

The city is a cultural center that maintains the tradition of brewing beer and hosts one of the most beautiful and largest equestrian pilgrimages in Bavaria - the Georgiritt. Every year on Easter Monday, festively decorated horses and carriages, historical groups, and bands make a long procession from the town square to the Ettendorfer Kircherl. Traunstein is also a shopping city with a developed network of regional markets and a wide range of shops.

The city has been famous for its salt trade since the Middle Ages and was the site of the construction of the world's first brine pipeline by Hans and Simon Reifenstühl in 1619. As a result, Traunsteiner Salinenpark was built for residents and visitors to the city to experience the spirit of the salt marsh period. In addition, the romantic atmosphere of walks is complemented by green areas with age-old trees and flowering meadows with a high proportion of herbs and fruit trees framed by a flowering border along the paths. Another feature of the city is the VAMED Health Center Chiemgau Traunstein, which since 1997 has been promoting the improvement and strengthening of the health of Germans and foreign tourists with a rich entertainment program in their free time from therapy.

Enjoying local delicacies and snacks in the friendly company on green lawns in the middle of historical architecture, as well as a simple program of events in the open air, makes tourists return to the city again and again. Moreover, stress-free vacation with maximum comfort in service also attracts people from neighboring countries.

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