Reconstructive urogenital centre

The reconstructive urogenital centre at Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg is led by nationally and internationally recognized specialists in gender reassignment surgery in cases of gender dysphoria (transsexuality). A team of urology, gynaecology, and plastic surgery specialists are working interdisciplinary to achieve the most successful gender transitions. For more than 30 years, transgender surgeries have been a part of the routine interventions of the team, which has further developed and standardized the techniques over the years. As a result, more than 200 "gender reassignments" in female-to-male transsexuality with phalloplasty are successfully carried out every year. Furthermore, more than 100 body-modifying procedures are performed in male-to-female gender dysphoria with neovagina formation per year. The procedures follow the S3 guidelines for gender dysphoria or the guidelines of the MDS (Medical Service of the Central Association of Health Insurance Companies) to ensure a uniform assessment and safe results. 

The department prioritizes surgical treatment of gender dysphoria (MtF and FtM). Additional plastic-reconstructive surgeries are available, such as removing excess fat tissue/skin and breast shaping.

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