University Hospital Medipol Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
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University Hospital Medipol Istanbul
University Hospital Medipol Istanbul
University Hospital Medipol Istanbul

About the hospital

University Hospital Medipol Istanbul is the largest private medical centre in Turkey and one of the recognized leading clinics in the field of medical tourism. The Medipol Clinic attracts attention with its modern architecture, intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment. As a result, Medipol University Hospital is a new reference point for health care nationally and internationally.

The medical centre has a capacity of 470 beds, 133 of which are in the intensive care unit. Medipol Hospital, which has the largest number of departments in Turkey's hospitals, represents a patient-centred approach to top-quality service. The hospital is also equipped with next-generation technology, allowing simultaneous operations in 25 operating rooms. Every year, in the four central departments of the clinic - general medicine, oncology, cardiology and dentistry - about 400,000 receive adequate treatment.

Medipol University Hospital is a modern hospital that meets JCI standards and accepts patients from all over the world. The hospital's departments are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment systems: PET-MRI, PET-CT, 256-slice CT, MRI 3 Tesla, intraoperative MRI system, linear accelerators, and Da Vinci Xi surgical robot. The clinic has the only SPECT CT in Turkey, which allows you to scan the heart in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the organ transplantation centre, the clinic has gained international recognition and reached the level of world medicine. The team in the transplantation department is highly qualified, trained and trained in leading clinics in the US and the EU. Today, liver and kidney transplantation is a specialized area of ​​the hospital, in which Turkish doctors have achieved great success.

The specialized departments of the hospital also include neurology and neurosurgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, urology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, haematology, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is also worth noting that there is a helipad on the territory of the Medipol University Hospital, which allows the patient to be transported in the most urgent cases. Furthermore, the entire hospital's medical staff has many years of experience so that patients can be sure of the high quality of medical services.

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Founded in 2004
400,000 patients
470 beds available
N/A department

What cancer treatments does the clinic offer?

At the University Hospital Medipol Istanbul, advanced methods and technologies are used to treat cancer - Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, radiation therapy using True Beam and Trilogy systems, and robotic DaVinci surgery. People from worldwide come to Medipol Hospital to treat various types of cancer.

Does the hospital provide deep brain stimulation?

Experienced doctors and specialists in neurology and neurosurgery offer high-quality and effective treatment of brain and spinal cord diseases. For example, doctors use deep brain stimulation to treat essential tremors, Parkinson's disease and dystonia. 98% of the procedure is successful.

Why is the clinic considered the best in transplantation?

Professional doctors have extensive experience transplanting internal organs to patients regardless of age, including newborns. The clinic has successfully performed 2000 kidney transplants and 400 liver transplants.

What is the advantage of the PACS system in the clinic?

Each patient of the hospital has online access to test results and personal data right in his department. Furthermore, the special PACS system used by Medipol saves all x-rays of a patient in a digital file to facilitate the comparison process and eliminate the risk of damage or loss.

About the city

Istanbul is the largest city in the country, as well as a leading economic and cultural center. The city lies on both sides of the Bosphorus, geographically dividing it into Europe and Asia. In its long history, Istanbul was the capital of the greatest empires in the world - Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman- and was also the religious center of Christianity and Islam. Therefore, it is not surprising that the city has many monuments of cultural and architectural heritage, demonstrating the glorious past of the contemporary metropolis.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, is rightfully considered a city symbol and one of its main attractions. The peculiarity of the mosque is the presence of six minarets - there are no more mosques in Istanbul with so many minarets. Directly opposite the legendary mosque is another important historical monument - Hagia Sophia. In 1985, the cathedral was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with other monuments of the historical center of Istanbul.

Istanbul is the scientific center of Turkey. The city is home to several public universities, such as Istanbul University, Marmara University, Bosphorus University, and several private universities. Several scientific communities operate in the city, including the Turkish Medical Society. Istanbul is home to the leading center Sisli Memorial Hospital, which is popular in the international medical arena.

Istanbul is a multimillion metropolis with a rich history and oriental flavor. Istanbul is an ideal option for a weekend trip: visitors can come here for a romantic weekend with their loved ones, fly in to unwind for a couple of days, drink delicious Turkish coffee and enjoy walking around this beautiful city. The city offers its guests excellent shopping opportunities. Istanbul has a vast number of boutiques and colorful bazaars where that provide significant discounts. Istanbul is also a paradise for gourmets. Here you can taste delicious national Turkish cuisine and famous oriental sweets.

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