University Hospital Krakow

Krakow, Poland
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University Hospital Krakow
University Hospital Krakow
University Hospital Krakow

About the hospital

University Hospital Krakow is a multidisciplinary clinic with many years of experience treating children and adults. The medical center has been operating since 1778 and was expanded to 32 highly specialized departments and 71 outpatient clinics. The hospital was also the first in Poland to open a neonatology department at its base.

Coordination of work and level of service corresponds to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. In addition, accreditation from the Ministry of Health confirms compliance with gold world standards. More than 500,000 people are treated here annually. The most popular areas of cure are endocrine and metabolic disorders. Patients also have the opportunity to participate in clinical research on neuroendocrine neoplasms and hereditary angioedema. Furthermore, doctors participate in several projects for educational activities and preventing complications by increasing adherence to the timely remedy of diseases. One such project is a collaboration with the association of bariatric patients CHLO. In addition, the medical center has 6 research grants for developing an even more modern, gentle surgery for obesity in combination with drug treatment.

Much attention is also paid to the fight against oncology, supplemented by ultra-modern anti-cancer medicines as part of scientific research. Intraoperative chemotherapy under hyperthermic conditions, intra-arterial embolization therapy for cancer metastases to the liver, and molecular-targeted therapy also reduce the risk of spreading the impression throughout the body. As a result, the European Society of Gynecological Oncology (ESGO) has recognized the medical center for its achievements and application of the latest cure. In addition to planned classical therapy, Krakow University Hospital provides emergency and intensive care. The ward is equipped with ventilators, cardiac monitors, ECMO, dialysis machines, and numerous mobile imaging devices. This approach reduces the risk of infection of a weakened organism during transport between departments and rapid response. In addition, the clinic is a leading surgical center in Poland and has repeatedly topped Newsweek's rating as the best in the country. The greatest desire of the doctors of the medical center is the use of minimally invasive techniques for less traumatization of healthy tissues and faster recovery. Laparoscopic rectal resections (TaTME) and transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) are examples of organ-sparing treatments available in the hospital.

University Hospital in Krakow is one of the leading centers for the provision of medical services for local as well as for patients from other countries. A comprehensive list of services, consisting of gynecological and oncological, hematological and cardiology, and neurological and endocrine care in the medical and surgical version, allows for simultaneously treating a patient with various diseases. Ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, and neonatology complement the clinic's capabilities. Membership in international associations and cooperation with leading European centers contributes to the constant development and use of the latest world developments.

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Founded in 1778
500,000 patients
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Is the clinic suitable for the treatment of blood diseases?

In 1958, the medical center doctors became pioneers in bone marrow transplantation between sisters. This procedure established the clinic as one of the leading centers for treating blood diseases. Currently, the clinic performs 60 operations per year, maintaining the required skills.

Should I choose University Hospital Krakow for gynecological oncology?

Doctors offer safe and effective chemotherapy, hormonal, and radiation therapy, the quality of which is guaranteed by the ESGO. High-tech equipment determines the presence of metastases and clear borders of the impression for a gentle effect on the tumor without harming health.

Does the clinic serve children?

The hospital serves children from the youngest age in a particular department of neonatology and pediatrics. The most excellent attention is paid to rare diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and congenital heart defects, and premature babies developing individual parenteral nutrition.

About the city

Krakow is a cultural, educational, scientific, economic, and tourist center in Poland on the stakes of the Vistula with a total of 782,000 inhabitants. One of the country's oldest cities charms its European architecture with ancient castles, a variety of entertainment, and numerous parks.

Many legends are associated with the city's origin, but the first documentary mentions the city dates back to 965. Since 1038, Wawel Castle has been preserved until today. Until 1610 castle was the main symbol of the capital of Krakow. And even after the transfer of the capital, the coronations of Polish monarchs took place in Wawel Castle until 1734. Such significant events contributed to the prosperity of the town and the enrichment of architecture and culture. In 2000, Krakow was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture. Furthermore, the old town is enclosed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to a developed network of shops and entertainment centers, exhibitions and museums, and dozens of theatres and festivals, the city is rich in parks and protected areas. Krakow has 43 parks and 5 nature reserves with rare birds and plants and many animals that can be seen in their natural environment.

Since 1364, the oldest Polish Jagiellonian University has been operating in the city. The great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus worked at this university. In the postwar years, Krakow became the birthplace of the future Pope John Paul II and the famous Polish writer Stanislaw Lem. In 2019, Krakow, as the only city from Poland, entered the ranking of the hundred best cities in the world in terms of hospital care, according to Medbelle. Among the most prominent scientists was Jozef Brodovych, who specialized in internal diseases. Ludwik Bierkowski, the surgeon, founder of the Anatomopathology Museum, and pioneer of general anesthesia, developed Krakow surgery for almost 30 years. University Hospital Krakow since 1778 and John Paul II Hospital Krakow since 1913 are hospitals with many years of history, invaluable experience, and robust development of modern scientific medicine.

The historic city of Krakow combines European traditions and quality. Extreme popularity among tourists contributed to the increasing development of entertainment, bars, and shops. But the city received the most critical development during the times of monarchs and kings, which saturated the city with the grandeur of architecture, cultural centers, and monuments. As a result, to this day, the city also attracts natural talents in art, sports, medicine, and business people.

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