University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid
University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid
University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid

About the hospital

University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid is one of the most famous hospitals in Spain, providing high-quality medical services for adults and children. The clinic was opened in 1998 and became the first accredited university center.

It is worth noting that the medical center was the first among private ones to receive ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Furthermore, significant achievements in medicine were also evaluated by DIN EN ISO 9001 from TÜV NORD CERT and the European Foundation for Quality Management. Thanks to 200 beds and outpatient departments located in  ​​21,500 square meters, five hundred thousand patients are served annually. In addition, doctors have successfully performed more than 50,000 deliveries.

The clinic is distinguished by a large number of diagnostic tools that are available around the clock. In addition to classic ultrasound, digital mammography, X-ray, pediatric MRI, full-body MRI, and 1.5 Tesla high-field closed MRI, Dentascan, and 160-slice CT are also available. Doctors strive to use gentle organ-sparing operations, using laparoscopic and laser treatment methods. In particular, this is important in proctology, given the delicacy of the operation and possible psychological barriers. Laser exeresis, hemorrhoidectomy, surgical treatment of anal fissure, and laparoscopic treatment of rectal prolapse and rectocele help avoid complex rehabilitation and an extended stay in the medical center. In addition, colorectal surgeons collaborate with the prestigious North American Cleveland Clinic Foundation to share knowledge and improve skills. Furthermore, microscopic neurosurgery, custom arthroplasty, high-performance endovascular cardiac surgery, and intensive care are available. Psycho-oncology care deserves special attention, taking into account the popularity of the oncology department of the University Medical Center HM Monteprincipe Madrid. In addition to the highly effective cure of tumors, rehabilitation is available through the Clara Campal Complex Oncology Center (HM CIOCC) program in collaboration with the psychologists of the Spanish Cancer Association.

Madrid University Hospital HM Monteprincipe offers a comprehensive list of services for patients in surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, rheumatology, oncology, dermatology, and cardiology. Moving forward in the field of medicine and conducting high-quality research are the hallmarks of the clinic.

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Founded in 1998
500,000 patients
200 beds available
N/A department

Should I choose a clinic for preventive examinations?

The medical center offers unique programs for women's health oncology screening and general examinations. High-precision imaging diagnostics and laboratory tests allow for establishing a diagnosis in the early stages when the symptoms are still non-specific or absent.

Is the clinic suitable for cancer treatment?

Doctors can use state-of-the-art treatment methods thanks to many years of experience and clinical studies. In particular, such suggestions are especially relevant for severe cases when other treatment cannot be applied or is ineffective.

Does University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid provide obstetric services?

The medical center has considerable experience managing pregnancy and childbirth due to its popularity in this field. Neonatologists and pediatricians are also essential and are ready to assist if necessary.

About the city

Madrid is the capital of Spain, located practically in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. One of the largest cities in the European Union has a population of more than 3 million people. Also, the majesty of the architecture, spacious streets and broad squares, the Manzanares River, and numerous recreation areas give the city a unique atmosphere.

A large population and popularity among tourists contribute to the city's vibrant life both during the day and at night. The royal factories, the academies, the Escorial and El Pardo palaces, the Aranjuez residence, and the libraries fascinate with their beauty. The royal legacy can be seen in the number of art exhibitions and museums visitors should visit. Numerous shopping centers, restaurants with national dishes and Spanish wine, nightclubs, and bars diversify local life. In addition, the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain massif is located in the north, with ski slopes and cozy resorts for a more relaxing vacation.

The city's first mention dates back to the 10th century, when the Emir of Toledo, Mohammed I, founded the Majirit fortress here. Most likely, the town's modern name comes from the title of the old Arab fortress. In 1561, King Philip II proclaimed the municipality the capital of Spain, and King Charles III of the Bourbon dynasty contributed to the most significant development. Famous architects were invited to the city, which significantly changed the appearance of the city. Madrid received many buildings in the style of neoclassicism and was significantly organized. In the 20th century, the town also gained industrial importance in chemistry, metallurgy, and other specialties related to the urban consumption of advanced technologies: precision mechanics, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Also, the proximity to the royal family contributed to the significant development of the scientific and medical sphere, mainly through opening the royal medical academies with a center of Spain's best talents and hospitals. The tradition was also continued by Hospital Ruber Internacional Madrid, providing quality services to patients worldwide for over 35 years. In addition, another advanced center University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid, is a center of modern scientific medicine with the treatment of children and adults around the world.

The majestic city of Madrid has everything you need for an actual European vacation. A variety of entertainment will satisfy even the most demanding tourist.

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